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Ryan Cooper

SXSW 2007 Spotlight: Creature

By March 16, 2007

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I caught these guys at the Montreal Artists' Showcase, where Les Breastfeeders was headlining, and I have to say that Creature is a riot. And when I say riot, I mean riot in the silly euphemistic way that people like David Cross and Bobby Torrance (the kid in your third-grade class who made all the bodily function jokes) are a riot, and not in the "Oh my, here comes the tear gas!" kind of riot, which seemed dangerously close to happening outside, as it seemed like there was going to be a clash between evangelists and the supporters of Leslie Cochran, Austin's famous resident crossdressing vagrant (more on that later). But I digress.

If the members of Missing Persons were long-lost cousins of the Family Stone, and they had their first big reunion at a disco, you'd have Creature. It's not overly punk rock, but it has enough beefy disco grooves and silly funked-out B-52s-styled moments that you're soon shaking your groove thing too much to realize how unpunk you're being.

Check out the band's myspace site and commence with the jiggling. When you're done there, the band's records are available at Sugartune.

Photo (c) Nicole Lucas


March 18, 2007 at 10:35 am
(1) Anastasia says:

thanks for the blog… and greater thanks for the Family Stone reference…SXSW was supa-delectable! Thanks too all who shook their hips and smiled all the way through. See you soon.

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