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Punk Rock In The News - Punk Music - About.com
When punk rock or punk musicians make headlines, we're compiling the stories here. ... Punk In The News - Punk Rockers Making Headlines. Sometimes Punk ...
News and Information on Punk Music
Whether you're in to old school or new school, you've found the comprehensive resource to all things punk. From its origins in the smoky underground bars of ...
Punk 101 - Punk Music - About.com
Since its inception, punk rock has managed to have enough of a "long strange trip" to yank that term right out of the hands of the hippies. Check out some of the  ...
Hardcore Punk - Defining Musical Genres - Punk Music - About.com
A brief description of hardcore punk, and the beginnings of the hardcore punk scene.
Punk Rock Albums With A Leaning Toward Horror - Punk Music
The following albums cover a span of genres of punk, but they all have one thing in common: a dark side. Whether you're looking for a hint of eeriness or a ...
Punk Subgenres, Continued - Punk Music - About.com
Pop Punk. More melodic than hardcore, pop punk is a style that owes more to the Beatles and '60s pop than other subgenres of punk. While the sound began ...
Punk CD Release Dates - Punk Music - About.com
A list of release dates for upcoming punk rock new releases. ... Punk In The News - Punk Rockers Making Headlines; Punk CD, Record and DVD Release Dates ...
Punk 101 - Punk Music - About.com
... movement? Read on to learn about where punk began, and where it stands today. ... DIY (16); Punk In The News - Punk Rockers Making Headlines (49).
Profile of Mongolian folk/punk band Hanggai - Chinese Culture
Hanggai combines Mongolian folk and punk rock. Before forming Hanggai, Ilchi was the front man for punk band T9 and appeared in a ... China News Essentials.
Punk Music History Timeline, 1964 - 1988 - About.com
Here's a brief timeline outlining some of the most important events in punk music history - the kind that shaped the face of music. Page 1 of 2.
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