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Punk Rock Parenting

Sometimes punks grow up, and sometimes they have kids. And sometimes those punks don't want to stop being punks, even as they become parents. This is all about bridging that gap.

Punk Rock Parenting
From tips and insight from other punk rock parents to resources and gift ideas, this is your source for punk rock parenting.

Books for Punk Rock Parents
As punk rockers become parents, they look for the same tools that everyone else needs. They also look for tools that speak to their needs. Here are some written resources that cater to the punk rock parent.

An interview with Michael Essington of Last One to Die
Last One To Die author Michael Essington tells a little about what punk rock has taught him about parenting.

Gift Ideas For Punk Rock Parents
When your punk friends are having their own little punks, here are some punk rock gift ideas for the new parents.

Shanti Wintergate and Greg Attonito - I Went for a Walk
Bouncing Souls frontman teams up with his wife Shanti Wintergate to create I Went for a Walk, a kids' book that was years and miles in the making.

An Interview with Jessica Mills
The author of My Mother Wears Combat Boots on creating cohesion between social ideals and parenting practice.

Review - All's Well and Fair
Luci Westphal spent 10 years making All's Well and Fair, and now you can join in.

Review - The Other F Word DVD
Fat Mike, Jim Linberg, Tony Hawk and more reveal the world of punk fatherhood in The Other F Word.

An Interview with Chris Boarts Larson of Slug & Lettuce
For 20 years, Slug & Lettuce was an essential punk networking resource. Founder Chris Boarts Larson talks about the history of the zine and how it translates to punk parenting.

As Bouncing Souls frontman Greg Attonito has teamed up with his wife to...
Bouncing Souls vocalist Greg Attonito has teamed up with wife and musician Shanti Wintergate to become Play Date and increase the amount of great punk rock for kids.

Elmo is the new Emo
Most members of the punk rock generation grew up with Sesame Street, and now some of them are making their way back.

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