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Milo Goes To College

SST Records


Los Angeles, CA, 1978


Milo Aukerman - Lead vocals (1980-1982, 1984–present)
Stephen Egerton - Guitar (1987–present)
Karl Alvarez - Bass - (1987–present)
Bill Stevenson - Drums - (1978–present)

Former Members:

David Nolte - Vocals (1978-1979)
Frank Navetta - Guitar, Vocals (1978–1984)
Tony Lombardo - Bass, Vocals (1978–1985)
Ray Cooper - Vocals, Guitar (1982–1986)
Doug Carrion - Bass (1985–1986)

"Ride The Wild":

The earliest incarnation of the Descendents happened in 1978, with a lineup that consisted of guitarist Frank Navetta, bassist Tony Lombardo and drummer Bill Stevenson. With this lineup, the band released the "Ride The Wild" 7".

Consisting of "Ride The Wild" (Listen/Download) and "It's a Hectic World" (Listen/Download), the release saw the band playing power pop punk, in a vein very similar to the Buzzcocks. This is the only release with this lineup, and has a markedly different sound than the band is known for today.

'Milo Goes To College':

1980 saw the Descendents recruit vocalist Milo Aukerman and emerge as more of a punk band. Their first release was the hardcore Fat EP, which, at a total of six minutes, featured such punk classics as the 17-second "I Like Food" (Listen/Download) and the 12-second "Weinerschnitzel" (Listen/Download).

The following year saw the band's first full-length, the quintessential Milo Goes To College. Filled with catchy, spastic melodies and heartfelt, intelligent lyrics, Milo Goes To College is the band at their classic hardcore best, an album to know with a sound often imitated (unfortunately unsuccessfully).

Milo Really Goes To College:

Despite the power and talent exhibited on the band's full-length debut, Milo really did go off to college, where he would ultimately get his PhD in biochemistry. During this time, drummer Bill Stephenson left to play drums for Black Flag. The band wouldn't record again until 1985, when Aukerman returned to a band with a slightly different lineup.

The Post-college years:

Starting with the band's 1985 release I Don't Want to Grow Up, the band continued to evolve as a more mature, thoughtful and emotional band.

This era of the band also saw the release of Enjoy (during which the current band lineup was cemented, and the released All, after which the band toured for a while, and then Milo headed back to college.

During this era, the band recruited ex-Dag Nasty vocalist Dave Smalley, and reformed under the name of All. A heavy-hitter in their own right, All released eight albums between 1988 and 1995.

1996 - Present:

Aukerman returned to the band in 1996 to release and tour with their release Everything Sucks, and again in 2004 with the 'Merican EP, their most political release to date, and Cool To Be You, an album which still yet shows them maturing.

Currently, the band is on again/off again, with members involved in many other projects. Bill Stevenson is drumming for his new band, Only Crime as well as touring with bassist Alvarez in Evan Dando's Lemonheads. Stevenson also runs the Blasting Room Studio in Fort Collins, CO.

Founding guitarist Frank Navetta passed away on Halloween of 2008, after a short illness.

Selected Discography:

Studio Albums

Milo Goes to College (1982) Compare Prices
I Don't Want to Grow Up (1985) Compare Prices
Enjoy! (1986) Compare Prices
All (1987) Compare Prices
Everything Sucks (1996) Compare Prices
Cool To Be You (2004) Compare Prices

Live Albums

Liveage (1987) Compare Prices
Hallraker (1989) Compare Prices

Essential Album:

Milo Goes to College (1982)

Before the band's constant maturation, before the band delved deeply into melodies that combined thinking and feeling with ever poppier punk riffs, the Descendents peaked with their hardcore classic, Milo Goes to College.

Continuing with the spastic silliness that appeared on the Fat EP, Milo Goes to College is fun, quirky and quite intelligent despite the fact that it was also adolescently girl crazy. Classic tracks like "I'm Not A Punk" (Listen/Download), "Bikeage" (Listen/Download) and - perhaps their finest moment - "Suburban Home" (Listen/Download) are timeless punk rocks classics, well-written and catchy without ever being too poppy.

Of course, while this is their best album by definition, the biggest bang for your buck is the 1985 Two Things At Once Compilation, which includes Milo Goes to College, The Fat EP and the "Ride The Wild" 7". It's a killer way to quickly snap up the band's earliest catalog. Compare Prices

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