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Review: TRC - Nation

TRC mesh hardcore aggression with gritty hip hop on their full-length release Nation. It's an eye-opening game changer.

Review: Nice Hooves - Nice Hooves

It's raw, aggressive and melodious, which is why my daughter loves the self-titled album by Nice Hooves.

Ivy Green

Ivy Greens 1978 self-titled debut serves as proof that Europe's punk scene wasn't confined to the UK.

Review: Melvins = Everybody Loves Sausages

On Everybody Loves Sausages, Melvins pay tribute to their musical influences with some unlikely choices.

Crazy & The Brains - Let Me Go

On Let Me Go, Crazy & The Brains create a strange world of xylophone-fueled punk.

Husker Du - Amusement

On Husker Du's first release, you get a glimpse of what they were, as well as what they'd become.

Gin Wigmore - Gravel & Wine

With Gravel & Wine, New Zealand's Gin Wigmore opens us up to a surprisingly big sound with roots in the American South.

Review: Vondelpark - Seabed

Vondelpark's Seabed is too monotonous to notice, let alone dislike.

Review: The Tossers - Emerald City

With Emerald City, The Tossers give their hometown of Chicago a Celtic Punk tribute.

Review - Bronx IV

On their fourth self-titled album, the Bronx lets us know what they learned as a mariachi band.

Turbogeist - Ancient Secrets

Mick Jagger's son doesn't swagger in his father's shadow with the release of his band Turbogeist's album Ancient Secrets.

Grave Babies - Crusher

Seattle's Grave Babies channel the old days of the goth clubs to present day with Crusher.

Welcome to The Vaults - The Box Set (1998-2002)

Welcome to The Vaults explores the early days of Chicago's Deal's Gone Bad, an exciting band keeping old school ska and rocksteady alive.

Lovely Bad Things - The Late Great Whatever

If the Pixies had been West Coast surf punks instead of East Coast intellectuals, they would have been Lovely Bad Things, and The Late Great Whatever is proof of that.

Review: Unifier - Colorado

The band formerly known as Future Ghosts are back with a new name (Unifier) and a solid sound on Colorado.

From the Vaults - Kortatu - El Estado de las Cosas

Part of the Basque radical music movement, Kortatu were heavily influenced by the Clash, but are more than just a clone.

Review - D.O.A. - We Come In Peace

After 35 years, D.O.A. is calling it quits on top with We Come In Peace.

Review - Dropkick Murphys - Signed And Sealed In Blood

On Signed And Sealed In Blood, the Dropkick Murphys step away from the ambition of their previous concept album to create a Celtic punk record that's all about good songs.

Review - Jawbreaker - Bivouac

On it's 20th anniversary, Jawbreakers re-release of Bivouac shows how great emo was at one time.

Review - No Room For Rockstars

On No Room For Rockstars, filmmakers traveled with the 2010 Vans Warped Tour, focusing on four bands to tell the story of the long-running festival.

Young Skin - Sticky Pages EP

A side project from a foursome from a bunch of other bands, Young Skin plays serious girl-powered punk.

Review - Night Of The Punks

In Night Of The Punks, a touring band finds out how bad a show can really go.

Best Practices - EP LP

On the EP LP, Best Practices deliver one of the best records of the year, in just 12 minutes.

Review - Restorations - A/B 7"

On the A/B 7", Restorations mix folk, punk and indie rock into a lush combo that defies description.

Review - Vultures United - Girls

Girls is the realization of a Kickstarter funded project from Vultures United, a collection of songs originally performed by women, taken in a very new approach.

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