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The Germs



The Germs were formed in Los Angeles by Paul Beahm (Darby Crash) and Georg Ruthenberg (Pat Smear). They cycled through several lineups before they ever played, and even more before they ever recorded (one drummer during this time was Belinda Carlisle, later of The Go-Go's). Eventually, the lineup would consist of Smear, Crash, Lorna Doom on bass and Don Bolles on drums.

The Germs Sound:

From early on, the Germs became known for chaotic and inconsistent live shows. Their first appearance took place before the band had even written any songs - or even really knew how to play - and was simply a noise riot.

Eventually through their short career, the band would develop a aggressive fast sound that word serve to help create the sound associated with today's So Cal punk.

Germs Recordings:

Despite their influential nature, the band was never prolific in the studio. In fact, they only released one full-length recording in their career, 1979's (GI). This, along with their first singles, and a handful of songs they recorded for film soundtracks, were assembled on 1993's M.I.A.: The Complete Anthology album - which is by its contents the first and last Germs album you'll ever need to buy (Compare Prices)

The End of the Germs:

The Germs broke up in 1980, after Crash fired Bolles. Crash and Smear went on to form the Darby Crash Band, which only played a handful of shows before disbanding.

In December of 1980, the Germs reunited for one night, to a sold-out crowd. It was, by many accounts, one of the best shows the band ever played. Just four days later, Darby Crash committed suicide. His death went largely unnoticed in the media when John Lennon was murdered the next day.

After the Germs - And the Germs Reunion:

Pat Smear is the Germs member who has enjoyed the most post-Germs success, playing with Nirvana for a short while and with the Foo Fighters after the death of Kurt Cobain.

Reformation and the Film:

What We Do Is Secret is a film about Darby Crash and the Germs that was in production for several years before being released in 2008. The film stars actor Shane West in the role of Crash.

After seeing his performance, Smear, Doom, and Bolles decided to reunite the Germs with West taking over the vocals. They played on the 2006 Vans Warped Tour and went on to tour the US. In 2008, they played the Old Skool Stage of the Vans Warped Tour, and are returning again for the 2010 tour.

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