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Punk musicians - sometimes they're flamboyant, sometimes they're crude. They're always interesting and they always seem to have something to say. Check out this section for my interviews with punk bands and musicians, as well as links to colorful interviews from some of your favorite punk artists.

An Interview With Dave Tejas of the Krum Bums
Dave Tejas talks about some highs and lows of 11 years fronting the Krum Bums.

An Interview with Kirk Hammett of Metallica
Kirk Hammett of Metallica discusses the making of Guitar Hero Metallica.

An Interview with Kevin Lyman
The man behind the Warped Tour takes a few minutes out of his never ending business to chat.

Interview Dave Kirchgessner of Mustard Plug
Dave Kirchgessner of Mustard Plug on the state of the ska world in 2007.

Interview: Paul Raven Of Ministry
Although he's currently with Ministry, Raven's been everywhere. This interview is more a collection of recollections than anything.

Interview: Kenny Vasoli of The Starting Line
With a new album on Virgin Records and a slot on this summer's Warped Tour, The Starting Line are picking up speed fast. The Starting Line' frontman, Kenny Vasoli, lets us know just how things are going.

Interview: Sean Mackin of Yellowcard
Sean Mackin of Yellowcard talks about Yellowcard's history and what it's like to be a violinist in a punk rock band.

Interview with Norwood Fisher of Fishbone
Fishbone bassist Norwood Fisher talks about the bands current lineup, Annette Funicello, and where he hopes to be in 30 years.

An Interview with Sunny of Les Breastfeeders
Sunny of Les Breastfeeders discusses a little of what goes in to being a French-Canadian garage powerhouse.

An Interview with Johnny and Christian of Triclops!
Johnny and Christian of Triclops! discuss the band, its influences, and exactly what time is "rock time".

An Interview with Sergie Loobkoff of Samiam
Sergie Loobkoff of Samiam discusses, among other things, where his band has been for the past few years.

Interview with James R. Petix and Sarah Babila
For the past four years, producer Sarah Babila and director James R. Petix have been creating a documentary on Detroit's garage rock scene on a budget that hovered somewhere between nil and nonexistent. The feature-length doc begins at an exciting time for Detroit's scene, when some names and bands that had long been local staples were suddenly gaining worldwide attention.

An Interview With Cyrus Bolooki of New Found Glory
New Found Glory drummer Cyrus Bolooki discusses the new album, touring and... Lionel Richie?

An Interview With Brian Chase Of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Brian Chase, drummer for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, discusses the ideas behing their latest album, and the band's love for its fans and their creativity.

An Interview With Britt Black
A music veteran at only 20, Britt Black has a long history in punk rock. She talks about her move to go solo, and how she tries to break into the "boy's clb" of rock and roll.

An Interview With Rob and Chris Kirkham of the Vincent Black Shadow
Rob and Chris Kirkham of the Vincent Black Shadow have a lot to say about a lot of things, and they are all over the place as they do it.

An Interview with Mike Vallely
Professional skateboarder Mike Vallely discusses touring, his new band and the way skateboarding and punk rock go together.

An Interview With Billy Crooked Of The Vacancies
The Vacancies' frontman Billy Crooked discusses the band, working with Joan Jett, and where he got his nickname.

An Interview With Tim McIlrath of Rise Against
Tim McIlrath of Rise Against discusses the band's new album, and his feelings on political activism and the face of politics in punk rock today.

An Interview With Gene Louis of Bullets And Octane
In this interview with Gene Louis, the frontman for Bullets And Octane, he talks about touring and the meaning behind the new album.

An Interview With JD Wilkes of Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers
JD Wilkes of Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers discusses touring Europe, his musical roots, and despite what you may hear, how his music is not evil.

Interview With Mike of The Riverboat Gamblers
In this interview with Mike of the Riverboat Gamblers, he speaks about onstage injuries and the dangers of being a Texan in Paris.

An Interview With Barb From I Object
Barb, the vocalist from I Object, discusses what it means to be DIY, and what it takes to make a DIY tour.

Kara Rasmussen of the Mydols
Kara Rasmussen of the Mydols talks about being a rocking mom, and what's in store for the band.

An Interview With Steve E Nix of the Briefs
Briefs' guitarist/vocalist Steve E Nix talks about touring, tutus and squats in Belgium.

An Interview With Gabi Hun of Sledgeback
Sledgeback frontman discusses the tour, the new album, and what it's like to be a Hungarian punk singer.

An Interview with Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello
This is an interview with Eugene Hutz, the frontman and creative force of Gogol Bordello. He talks about touring, and the influence behind the Gypsy Punk Revolution.

An interview with punk rock chef Jamie Bissonnette
Punk rock chef Jamie Bissonnette dishes up his background in hardcore.

An Interview with Jerry Only of the Misfits
Jerry Only of the Misfits talks about where the Misfits are heading as they approach 35 years as a band.

An Interview with Mike Park
Punk rock activist Mike Park on being a father and his children's album Smile.

An Interview with Billy Jackfish
Billy Jackfish has transitioned from playing guitar in Stretch Marks to being a children's musician. He lays it all out, along with his parenting philosophy.

An Interview with Rory Clewlow of Enter Shikari
Rory Clewlow of Enter Shikari talks about the band's influences, sound, latest album and tour.

An Interview with Michael "Mike Virus" Rothstein
Michael "Mike Virus" Rothstein talks about creating a worldwide scene, and the release of Aceh Clling.

An Interview with Clara of the pUKEs
Clara of uke punk group the pUKEs, a group that's leading the way to the Uke revolution.

An interview with Michael Essington of Last One to Die
Michael Essington on Last One to Die, his writing process and what he has in the works.

An Interview with Donald Spence of Versus the World
Versus the World frontman Donald Spence talks about the band's new album and why it's been seven years in the making.

An Interview with Clint McLean of The New Enemy
Clint McLean of The New Enemy talks about the band's history, their charity work, and DIY.

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