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An Interview With Gabi Hun of Sledgeback

The Frontman of Sledgeback Discusses His Influences


An Interview With Gabi Hun of Sledgeback

Gabi Hun

Seattle punk rockers Sledgeback just finished working on a new album, to be released this month, and are touring. I connected with frontman Gabi Hun to find out how things were going.

RC: How's the tour going?

GH: Just getting better. I feel like the first two years of hard touring is starting to pay off. It's visible at the shows. Some of them are packed as I've never dreamed of before. Thanks to all the people who've helped us make it happen.  

RC: What's a typical Sledgeback show like?

GH: We usually have our hardcore followers and friends come before the doors open (laughs). That always makes our night. If you ask about the show...hmm... We don't keep long breaks and let empty sentences float up. Just play the set - one song after the other. Let the music talk.  

RC: What was it like playing with Flogging Molly?

GH: H**l yes. It was a great show. It was sold out because of Flogging Molly so we already had about 800 people watching us. It was great. Also we had a chance to hang out with our friends the Dead Pets. We know each other from the past. We played together in Las Vegas before. They always crack me up.  

RC: Your accent comes across very strong in your music. Where are you from?

GH: I was born in Hungary. I moved to Seattle in 1999 without knowing any English.

RC: Does that influence your music?

GH: It does. I grew up in a different society, thousands of miles away in the middle of Europe. You can find the feel of it in Sledgeback and I am proud of it. There is only one more American band with a Hungarian singer that I know of - IGNITE.  

RC: Are you heavily influenced by American punk rock?

GH: Yes. I always listened to the American punk rock - Ramones to Social D, but I feel the British bands like the Clash or the newer Therapy? are also my influences.

RC: How would you describe your music?

GH: You know, I guess it's easy. It's Rock and Roll with a lot of punk, featuring a Hungarian singer.

RC: Kevin Past has only been drumming with you for a few months. How's that working out? Are you noticing any big differences with a new drummer?

GH: Yes. I've known Kevin about five years. We jammed together before. He was always a good friend and a great drummer. Kevin is better than our previous drummer, who was also a great guy. He is very tight and always in place. Basically a jazz-influenced rock drummer, if I can say that.  

RC: You just finished working on a new album. When can we look forward to that?

GH: It should be out in the end of April 2006.

RC: What will the new album sound like?

GH: It follows the path of the 2004 album with more guitar work and mature sound, so it sounds like us. If you liked Sledgeback before, you won't be disappointed. If you hated us, you will hate us more.  

RC: Any closing thoughts?

GH: If anyone has any questions about us, please write an e-mail. We will answer. You can check out our web site at sledgeback.com.

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