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An Interview With Gene Louis of Bullets And Octane (Cont.)

Taking It On The Road


An Interview With Gene Louis of Bullets And Octane (Cont.)

Bullets and Octane

Photo courtesy of Earshot Media

RC: You guys have been touring a lot and you've been touring with everyone. Who stands out? Who's been your favorite?

GL: You know, it's so hard to say because, we've been lucky enough, that's for sure and I mean that, to have been taken under many people's wings. I mean every band that's taken us out that's been pretty big, either record sale wise or big as an influence on many bands, like Social D, Flogging Molly, or Avenged Sevenfold.

I would definitely have to say that Avenged Sevenfold really went out of their way and took us out for nearly three months altogether, and really just helped us out. They saw something, they figured this could really be a kick ass thing, and really took us under their wing to really make sure that we were heard in a lot of different places. They didn't have to do that, there could have been many other bands that they could have taken out, but they really befriended us and we owe them a lot for that.

RC: What's your live show like?

GL: It seems to kind of change with the environment and that's not a thought-out situation. Honestly is has to do with how much driving we had to do; we still do it cheap and drive ourselves and everything, so it depends on how much rest we get. And we definitely, well mainly me, I like to drink a lot, so it kind of depends on how much was going on there, but it's definitely a high-energy show - that should be a given from the record

But sometimes when it's a smaller venue, it's kind of like you're hanging out with the people who are at the show, it's much more of a personable thing. You have a few drinks, do some shots with the people who are in the front row, we'll just hang out. We won't make it too f***ing insane. It's rock and roll, it should be real simple the way we do it. We just try to keep it fun, and have a good time the way we're doing it.

RC: What's next for you guys?

GL: When we're done with this tour we go to London to do the Download Festival, we're going to have about a month off, we're going to shoot some sort of video, and we're going to record some new music, some new ideas, and then we go out for two months on that Korn festival, the Family Values tour.

Right now, that's where we're at, planning for that much, because we're kind of just about to swing out, and go to radio and different things like that, and to see where that carries us. And I know we're planning on going to Japan here pretty soon, we went there earlier last year and it was a great thing for us, so we'll go back and visit them for sure.

RC: What's that like, touring Japan? It's got to be crazy.

GL: Japan's one of my favorite places to tour. I was surprised, because I knew nothing about it, we're just some Missouri boys, you know, so we're like "OK, here we go" and we figured maybe big white tall tattooed guys would probably not be the best thing for them but they are the nicest people, man.

If anything it was like lesson to us about how great they treat each other there and how s****y we treat each other here in America sometimes. Like no matter what job they're working, from McDonald's to car salesman or anything like that, they took their jobs seriously and were very respectful of one another. It's a different outlook, that's for sure.

RC: Any closing thoughts?

GL: Yeah, I'd like to say to a lot of younger bands that are starting out, if they're going to be reading this, which I hope they do, I wish someone would have given us a heads up when we were younger - always work as hard as you can.

There's always someone better, younger, better looking, more talented and more hungry than you are to get this done. If you want to be a musician, you've really got to stay focused. And don't sound like the sounds that are going on, don't do emo or screamo, or rock or whatever because it's going on that summer or that season or that year. Find the elements you like in different types of bands and stick with what you do no matter how different it is, and if you do it well, no matter what style of music it is and you do it great, it's gonna come around and you'll have your turn, but always stay focused.

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