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Interview With Mike of The Riverboat Gamblers (Cont.)

Dealing With The Music Industry


Interview With Mike of The Riverboat Gamblers (Cont.)

To The Confusion of Our Enemies

Cover courtesy of Volcom Entertainment

What do you guys draw your influences from? Is it from something local?

Some stuff local, but I think at this point now there's like a core background, like some classic punk rock like the Ramones and the Dictators, and some big rock bands like AC/DC and stuff like that. But it's so far down the line, so many other influences are coming in. I'll constantly hear stuff from new bands, just little things that a band will do, and I'll just go "Wow, that's really cool," and pick something up.

I think a lot of when I was coming up was like the Misfits, and later Rocket From The Crypt was a really big musical influence, from the way they ran their band and did their shows. That was a really big influence.

As far as locally, there are some bands that most people probably wouldn't know outside of Denton. There was a band called Brutal Juice that was something we all used to go see a lot, and they had such an amazing live show, and I thought "Wow, that's the way a show should be." That was another one that influenced me a lot. In Denton there was a whole underground scene in the early '90s when I was a kid growing up there.

The new album's getting a lot of attention. How would you describe it?

A sexual awakening... (laughs) No, I don't know, it sounds kind of corny, but it's a little bit more honest I guess, and a little bit more focused than some of our other records. We had a lot of time with it, so we had a lot of time to focus and think. We tried to go for a bigger sound. It's more produced than our last stuff, but still not too produced. That was my big worry; I just don't want it to be too slick.

There's always room for different people's taste, and we would argue what the meaning of too slick was. But we're all pretty happy with how it came out.

That's what I wrote in my review. It's clean, but not too clean. It's still gritty.

I hope so. That's what we were going for, because it's really easy, especially if you have access to a whole bunch of newfangled recording equipment to get it to sound too slick. We did some demos that kind of came out like that, and then we did stuff too, where we'd say "Lets just keep this really raw" and it came out a little too low-fi. So this was trying to find that balancing act and walk the whole tightrope without falling off.

There's a few themes on the album, like with "The Biz Loves Sluts" and "The Art Of Getting F****ed".

Yeah, there's definitely a music industry theme going on there. I guess because we came from a real DIY kind of place, and a lot of good things have been happening for the band, but sometimes it's really kind of hard and tough to figure out and deal with a lot of the music industry. It's the hoops you got to jump through, and certain things, and the way it works. It seems really kind of backward to me sometimes, so that's a definite theme of frustration with the music industry. I'm just kind of frustrated by inane bureaucracy in general, and that's how the music industry, not always but sometimes, feels like to me.

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