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An Interview with Steven Bradley of iwrestledabearonce (cont.)

"Wow, what the hell just happened?"


An Interview with Steven Bradley of iwrestledabearonce (cont.)

Steven Bradley of iwrestledabearonce

© Nicole Lucas

RC: And Krysta. Wow, that voice.

SB: Yeah, I don’t know how the hell she does it. I have no idea.

RC: And being able to make that switch from deep guttural sounds to actually singing again.

SB: Yeah, we talk about this all the time. I’ll never say “I’m good,” or “our band is awesome,” but she definitely is pretty unique. I don’t anyone else, dudes or anyone who can’t get that deep, crazy and gnarly, and then do high-pitched screams. She just tries to use her voice as an instrument to do everything humanly possible and probably stuff that shouldn’t be humanly possible - somehow she does it anyway.

RC: Do you tour with other grind-type bands?

SB: We tour with a huge variety of bands, just because we make it a point now that we have some say. We can do weird lineups. The last tour we did, we co-headlined with another band that were not grindy at all, they were screamo, they’d been on Warped Tour five years in a row and the other two bands on the tour, one was a Southern rock band and one were our friends from Japan who played dance pop rock with weird elements of heaviness thrown in.

Then, right now we’re on tour with the Human Abstract, Oh Sleeper and Vanna, so even with the four bands on this tour, none of us really sound anything alike, but it’s all similar, heavy music. We really try to not stick to one genre on tour.

RC: Do you find you run into a lot of crowds that look at you and don’t know what the hell to think?

SB: Yeah, we did a metal fest, and we definitely had a people staring at us for the first few songs, but a few songs in, they started to get into it. It made sense, because Krysta wore a Furby costume onstage, which confused them even more.

We do get that, but most of the time, when people are standing there staring, confused, they’ll come up afterward and say, “I don’t dance, but I just wanted to watch you guys because it was interesting.” When we play, we’re like, “All right! Nobody cares what we’re doing; they look bored.” Then afterward, they come up to buy a shirt and say we’re awesome, when I know I saw them in the crowd, standing with their arms crossed, looking bored. But I guess I’d rather have that than people mindlessly beating their heads against the wall.

RC: So then what is the best compliment a fan at one of your shows could give you?

SB: Wow, what the hell just happened? That was different. That’s probably the best we want to get.

RC: I will say that’s what I took away from SXSW, even if it wasn’t what you wanted it to be.

SB: Well thanks. Yeah it’s cool to hear we’re brutal or gnarly or whatever, but more importantly I like to hear from people who say we helped them start to listen to a different style of music – we have people who had never listened to anything but crazy heavy stuff who never said they never liked soft stuff but heard us mix it in and liked it and asked for recommendations of soft bands to check out, or vice versa, we have people who hate screaming or heavy music but dig our band, so we can help people explore other genres they had previously stayed away from.

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