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The Warped Tour 2009 Lineup

The bands on the 2009 Vans Warped Tour


The Warped Tour 2009 Lineup

Anti-Flag, Warped Tour 2006

© Nicole Lucas
Updated June 18, 2014

As Vans prepares for the 15th anniversary of the Warped Tour, founder Kevin Lyman has put together a power lineup of acts, and is promising a few changes this year.

First up, this year's Warped Tour will consist of fewer bands, with each band getting an extra 10 minutes for their set. This alone will probably make a huge difference in the experience. In years past, some bands barely got going in 30 minutes before wrapping things up. And even that extra 10 minutes for a longtime touring band like the Bouncing Souls gives them time to cram in some of their classics (note to the Souls - I expect to hear "Ole" in this year's set now!).

The band lineup that has been compiled looks great for a 15th anniversary collection, though. Currently, this is the reported lineup of the 2009 Vans Warped Tour. All of these bands are scheduled to perform on at least part of the tour, although specific dates have yet to be announced.

When is the Warped Tour coming to you?

All dates and appearances are subject to change.

3OH!3 (Boulder, CO) – On their third year of Warped Tour dates, 3OH!3 offers up sarcastic rhymes, synchronized dance moves and hip hop and electronic beats that are addictive enough to make the crustiest punk shake his booty. (MySpace Site)

A Day to Remember (Ocala, FL) – Post-hardcore outfit A Day to Remember has a tough sound to pin down, playing harsh metalcore that frequently drops into burst of energetic pop punk; they’re equal parts Blink 182 and Prong. (MySpace Site)

Aiden (Seattle, WA) – Maybe it’s all the rain in their hometown that lends to this band’s sound, but Aiden has a dark sound, blending elements of goth rock and punk with hardcore riffs. It’s perfect for a rainy day, but will probably sound good on a sunny Warped Tour stage as well. (MySpace Site)

A Rocket To The Moon (Braintree, MA) – The product of songwriter/musician Nick Santino, who does all the vocals, keys and guitars in the studio, A Rocket To The Moon is an electronic/powerpop outfit and a MySpace favorite with over 16 million streams logged so far. (MySpace Site)

A Skylit Drive (Lodi, CA) - This post-hardcore group from California offer up metal music moments and high-pitched vocals. The comparisons to Chiodos and Taking Back Sunday are not unfounded. (MySpace Site)

Alexisonfire (St. Catharines, ON) – Named after a stripper and self-described as "the sound of two Catholic high-school girls in mid-knife-fight", Canada’s Alexisonfire offer up a powerful mix of driving hardcore and metal riffs, and a new hardcore inspired album that strays from the screaming. (MySpace Site)

All Time Low (Baltimore, MD) – They signed to Hopeless Records in 2006 before they’d even graduated high school, and they’ve never looked back. On their third Warped Tour, All Time Low has joined the big leagues this year, bringing their infectious pop punk sound to the main stage. (MySpace Site)

Anti-Flag (Pittsburgh, PA) – Fiercely political, Anti-Flag takes a solid stance against war and capitalism, and addresses issues like American foreign policy and racism. Even so, they’re always ready to rock, and not afraid of doing a high kick now and then. (MySpace Site)

Attack Attack (Columbus, OH) – One can’t help but be intrigues by this band from Ohio, which will deliver heavy metal riffs and grotesquely screamed vocals at one moment, and electronic danceability the second. Live, I’m thinking it will either be impressive, hilarious or impressively hilarious. (MySpace Site)

Bad Religion (Los Angeles, CA) – Since 1980 Bad Religion has been a heavy influence on pop punk bands nationwide. They employ complex lyrics and harmonies with deep content, and wiegh heavily on political and social issues. In addition, guitarist Brett Gurewitz, by way of owning Epitaph Records, has done even more to introduce punk rock to the U.S. (MySpace Site)

Bayside (Queens, NY) – Brooding, hook-laden punk rock with lyrics that are more-than often melancholy and always well written, Bayside will appeal to fans of intelligent emotional punk rock in the vein of Alkaline Trio. (MySpace Site)

Big D and the Kids Table (Allston, MA) – DIY darlings of the third wave of ska, Big D will deliver your Warped dose of horns, and pull you out of the mosh pit for some less-violent skanking. (MySpace Site)

Black Tide (Miami, FL) – If you’ve had your fill of screamo, Black Tide will cleanse your palate with a set of full-blown heavy metal with an Iron Maiden influence. Despite their young ages, this band already has Mayhem and Ozzfest shows under their belts, and are looking to add Warped to the list. (MySpace Site)

Bouncing Souls (New Brunswick, NJ) – Celebrating 20 years as a band, the Bouncing Souls will be following up what was one of the best sets at last year’s Warped Tour. This time around, they have new material in store, and are ready to show that they’ve got another 20 left in them. (MySpace Site)

Breathe Carolina (Denver, CO) – Another band playing the odd combo of screamo and electronic, these kids from Colorado mix layers of sound and pure danceability with the occasional power scream. The full package is pure electrofun, and upbeat even when the lyrics are about boys with broken hearts. (MySpace Site)

Breathe Electric (Lake County, IL) – A one-man dance party, Breathe Electric is the creation of Grant Harris. If you’re a fan of the upbeat electro of PlayRadioPlay!, this is one set you won’t want to miss. (MySpace Site)

Brokencyde (Albuquerque, NM) - If the electro combos on the tour this year weren’t enough evidence to convince you that screamo is becoming more and more pervasive in music today, Brokencyde’s combination of gangsta rap and unintelligible screams and guttural death-metal growls will make you a believer. Even so, they are probably the worst band on the tour, and should be avoided at all costs. (MySpace Site)

Cash Cash (Roseland, NJ) – Another one of this year’s instant dance parties, Cash Cash draws from ‘70s funk and ‘80s pop and makes a sound that punks would be embarrassed to admit they like – if it weren’t so damn much fun. (MySpace Site)

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