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Review: Valient Thorr 'In Heat'

The Elusive Power of The Thorrier - Captured on Film

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Review: Valient Thorr 'In Heat'

Valient Thorr - 'In Heat'


When I first heard Legend of the World, I became a fan of Valient Thorr, but it wasn’t until the first time I was able to bear witness to a Valient Thorr show at the Shelter in Detroit that I truly became a Thorrier.

I have seriously lauded this band’s live performances up and down on this site, naming them one of the most exciting touring bands today, and I have made it out to see them every time they’ve come through town, and even made a point to catch them at SXSW.

Even so, I really felt unable to truly relate to you, my readers, the sheer amazing qualities of a live VT performance, or the charisma that frontman Valient Himself exudes while on stage.

I even went so far as to sincerely pity those of you who have been unable to see this band live.

Valient Thorr

© Nicole Lucas

It seems the guys of Valient Thorr have pitied you as well, and released In Heat, a road documentary that compiles the past five years of the band on the road and in the studio.

Beginning with the DVD’s menu, which features Valient Himself explaining the various choices, In Heat is well done and a lot of fun.

First and foremost, it features a ton of blistering well-shot performances by the band from all over the world (including shots from Austin and Detroit shows that I was actually at). This alone is worth the price of admission, but it really doesn’t even encompass the best content on the disc.

The best part of the DVD is the behind-the-scenes stuff, the band on the road, shooting the video for “Exit Strategy”,” and their general day-to-day lives.

This is where you get to know Valient Himself, and indeed all the members of the band, and they all come across as the great guys they are. They’re not untouchable rock stars; they are a bunch of regular guys, encased within solid beard, that love to play music and want to share positive messages and advice for living from their home world of Venus.

As an added bonus, there is plenty of hilarious documentation of what can only be described as on- and offstage hijinks between Valient Thorr and the Riverboat Gamblers from the Volcom Tour, and great clips of Valient Himself and Mike from the Gamblers onstage with Andrew WK.

If I had to detract at all from the disc, I do wish that the band’s performance with Wayne Kramer from the MC5 was included in its entirety, simply because I was there to witness its power, and because I wanted to see myself in the crowd. As it was, only a few seconds were shown.

Aside from that, the DVD does the best it can do to capture the feeling of a Valient Thorr show, as well as the personalities of the Thorriers. It’s obviously not as good as the real thing, but I think it comes as close as is possible.

Release Date: November 4, 2008

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