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Tony Lovato


Courtesy of the band

Formed :

1995 - Blue Island, Illinois


Tony Lovato - Guitar, vocals
Jeremiah Rangel - Guitar
Matt Lovato - Bass
Nick Gigler - Drums

The band originally formed in the Chicago suburb of Blue Island with Tony Lovato's brother Steve on guitar (Steve is now playing bass for an upcoming reunion). Prior to Mest, Tony Lovato had played drums (at age 13) for a White Power band in the area called Confederate Storm; something that he later apologized for.

Mest plays an energetic style of pop punk, which has snared them comparison to similar bands, including Green Day, MxPx and Good Charlotte.

Mest and Maverick:

Mest enjoyed a brief flash of success when they signed to Madonna's Maverick Records. From 2000-2005, the band released four albums and toured incessantly, including a stint with the Warped Tour in 2005. Then, abruptly, the band simply called it quits, with an announcement on their MySpace site.

After the Breakup:

Following the band's breakup, all of the members have gone on to new projects. Tony Lovato is in Kisses For Kings with Chris Wilson of Good Charlotte, Steve Lovato is a member of Room One Eleven, and Matt Lovato and Rangel have a project called The Twilight and the Sound. Nick Gigler is in the A-Gang, a Detroit project with Rich Tschirhart of the Suicide Machines on guitar.

Mest is currently assembling a short reunion tour, with Steve and Tony being the only original members of the lineup.

Tony Lovato Confesses to a Fatal Stabbing:

In March of 2007, Tony Lovato was arrested in the fatal stabbing death of a man reported to be an ex of his girlfriend at the time. Lovato confessed to stabbing 25-year-old Wayne Hughes in the chest several times, during an altercation in a parking garage.

Lovato was cleared of charges, when police determined that he had acted in self defense in the incident. (link)

The FSU Allegations:

Currently, Mest has been named as the victims of alleged extortion charges against Elgin James. It's alleged that James, the founder of FSU, offer Mest protection from violence by FSU members in exchange for $5,000. In 2005, Mest had an altercation between the victim’s band and another band (with alleged connections to FSU), which allegedly lead to the victims being attacked outside a Boston club before a show in August of that year and again in Orlando.

Elgin James has been arrested and the case is currently being pursued.

A U.S. Thugs Connection?:

Tony Lovato wears a U.S. Thugs tattoo on his torso. U.S. Thugs is a crew originally founded by Tim Armstrong of Rancid, and is still rumored to be pretty prolific in the country today.

U.S. Thugs is also reported to have threatened Queens of the Stoneage frontman Josh Homme after he began a relationship with Brody Dalle, following her breakup with Armstrong. (link)

Selected Discography:

Wasting Time - Maverick Records, 2000 (Compare Prices)

Destination Unknown - Maverick Records, 2001 (Compare Prices)

Mest - Maverick Records, 2003 (Compare Prices)

Photographs - Maverick Records, 2005 (Compare Prices)

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