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924 Gilman Street: A Profile


924 Gilman Street: A Profile

924 Gilman: The Story So Far

Maximum Rock N Roll


924 Gilman Street
Berkeley, CA 9470

A Home For DIY Culture

Founded in 1986, 924 Gilman (named after its address) is a testament to the DIY ethics of the punk scene. It’s a non-profit venue that has, since its creation, been run entirely by volunteers.

Shows are run by volunteers, who get free admission in return for working. In addition, most of decisions related to the club’s day-to-day operations are made by members who attend monthly meetings and vote collectively on the direction the club is moving.

Rules and Regulations:

An all-ages venue, 924 Gilman operates under a few basic rules. Drugs, alcohol and violence are not allowed, and the club will not book acts that are racist, sexist, homophobic or signed to a major label.

In this regard, bands looking to play a show at 924 Gilman must first submit their music the venue for review and approval.

Popular Bands From 924 Gilman:

Over the years, 924 Gilman has been a place where many influential and popular bands have played. Many have since gone on to major labels, and are no longer eligible for shows at the venue, making room for the next wave of bands to have a place to play.

Some of the many popular bands who’ve played at the Gilman in the early part of their careers include Green Day, NOFX, AFI and Rancid.

Recommended Reading and Watching

924 Gilman: The Story So Far… (Book) – Released in 2004, The Story So Far compiles stories and photos to create an in-depth historical account of the club’s foundations. In addition to seeing the early days of the club and bands that went on to be household names, this history regales you with tales of bands and scenesters you never knew existed. Compare Prices

924 Gilman Street: Let’s Talk About Tact and Timing (DVD) – In 2008, independent filmmaker Jack Curran released his documentary on the history of the club, capturing band performances from bands like Against Me!, Operation Ivy and Pansy Division, and interviewing people like Jello Biafra, Ian MacKaye and members of the volunteer staff who keep the club going. He paints a vivid picture of the camaraderie and unity of the scene that has allowed the club to continue to operate all these years. Compare Prices

On the Web: The 924 Gilman Street Project

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