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A List of Written References on Punk Music

Books, zines and magazines on punk abound. If you're looking for written material on punk music, history or bands, here's a great place to start.

Riot Grrel
Riot Grrrl was about politics as much as it was about music.

Hardcore Punk
A brief description of hardcore punk, and the beginnings of the hardcore punk scene.

What Punk Albums Are You Looking Forward To In 2010?
What Punk Albums Are You Looking Forward To In 2010?

Most Anticipated Punk Releases For 2010
As the decade draws to a close (depending on who you're asking anyway - in my opinion it was 2000-2009), the news is already rolling in about the albums that will be launching the next 10 years. Here are the 10 records we really want to hear next year.

The Best Punk Albums of 2009
You've seen my picks for the best punk albums of 2009. Let's hear yours.

Your Favorite Punk Albums of the Past 10 Years (2000-2009)
You know our favorite punk albums of 2000-2009, we wnat to hear yours.

Best Punk Albums of 2009, So Far
It seems like punk rock thrives best when everything else isn't doing so well. The worldwide economy is continuing to decline, and unemployment is continuing to rise. Yet, just like when punk came to the forefront in the late '70s when UK bands were railing against a dire economy, this environment has created a situation for one of the best worldwide punk scenes in a while. Musical innovation and…

Best Punk Albums of 2008

Plenty of great punk records hit the streets this year, and the sound was all across the boards. There was plenty of great hardcore and street, and plenty of stuff that defies description. Here are some of the best for this year. If they haven't made it into your brain yet, your first New Year's resolution should be to remedy that.

My Mother Wears Combat Boots
With My Mother Wears Combat Boots, Citizen Fish's Jessica Mills has truly created a parenting guide for the rest of us.

Punk 365 - Holly George-Warren
Punk 365 is a hefty little volume that does well to document punk through photos.

My First Time: A Collection Of First Punk Show Stories
My First Time: A Collection Of First Punk Show Stories is simply what the title implies...

Review - Jim Lindberg - Punk Rock Dad
In Punk Rock Dad, Pennywise frontman Jim Lindberg discusses what it means to be in a band and responsible for raising three little girls.

Nobody Likes You: Inside the Turbulent Life, Times, and Music of Green Day
Mark Spitz has created a book on the band that is in-depth and interesting, with minimal amounts of the fluff that would appeal to Green Day's teenage fans. In doing so, he has created a book that will appeal to many fans of punk in general, even those who don't like what the band has become today.

Punk: The Whole Story
Depending on what your gauge is, punk's age changes. But if you're gauging it off of the Pistols, Clash and Ramones, it's 30 this month, and here's DK's birthday present.

For over 20 years, this publication has been dedicated to exposing its readers to underground punk rock, and providing in-depth coverage on punk music and the punk scene in general.

Essential Books on Punk History
Because punk music managed to develop a rich history in a relatively short period of time, there are many books devoted to the topic. Here are a few recommendations.

Alternative Press
The online home of Alternative Press a monthly glossy magazine focused on punk music. Their site features news, downloads and more.

Factsheet 5
Factsheet 5 is an extensive guide to zines and alternative publications, including a wide range of small-press punk zines. Factsheet 5 began in the '80s and ran until 1998, when it ceased publication. Now, in 2006, it's hitting the stands again.

punk planet (RIP)
A now defunct bi-monthly magazine out of Chicago punk planet focused on punk music, as well as punk politics and culture. Their Web site still serves as a networking and news site.

Cheetah Chrome: A Dead Boy's Tale From the Front Lines of Punk Rock
Cheetah Chrome was a kid from the projects in Cleveland who made his way to becoming a member of one of the most influential punk bands in the U.S. – the Dead Boys. In Cheetah Chrome: A Dead Boy's Tale From the Front Lines of Punk Rock he documents his career in lurid, sometimes painful detail, and creates a time capsule that captures the...

Best Punk Albums of 2010

Overall, 2010 was a great year for punk rock in it's purest form, with heavy emphasis on the old school. If you bought any albums this year, these albums should have been part of your purchases.

Review - Salad Days by Charles Romalotti
The tenth anniversary release of a cult classic punk rock coming of age story.

Rad Dad - Dispatches from the Frontiers of Fatherhood
Rad Dad - Dispatches from the Frontiers of Fatherhood by Tomas Moniz and Jeremy Adam Smith is a best of compilation of the zine about punk rock and fatherhood.

Michael Essington - 'Last One To Die'
In Last One To Die, Michael Essington tells of the life of a grown up punk rock kid.

Chuck Ragan and the Camaraderie Collective - The Road Most Traveled
Rather than a collection of tour stories, The Road Most Traveled is more of an etiquette handbook for bands on the road.

Review: If You Like The Ramones...
More that just a list of bands you'll like, If You Like the Ramones is an in-depth resource surrounding the band.

The Punk Rock Las Vegas Survival Guide
In The Punk Rock Las Vegas Survival Guide, Thw Grim Frontman Bob Oedy presents an essential guide for navigating the Punk Rock Bowling Festival as well as Vegas in general.

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