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Early Days of MRR:

Maximumrocknroll began as a punk rock radio show in 1977, with the intent of exposing as many people as possible to new punk bands.

Issue #0 of Maximumrocknroll was printed in 1982, and was included as an insert with the Alternative Tentacles compilation album, Not So Quiet On the Western Front. Today, Maximumrocknroll has published over 300 issues, and continues to be one of the best sources for information on punk music, culture and politics.


Maximumrocknroll is dedicated to punk music, and readers will find page after page of music reviews and band interviews, ranging from the most popular punk artists to the most obscure, with all attention being focused on independent labels (major label releases are not welcome).

The magazine is also heavily devoted to politics and punk culture in general. This is presented in columns by its staff as well as by guest writers. Anyone interested in how politics affects punk rock will find a lot of information here, as well as a lot of entertaining reading by very talented writers.

Tracking Down Old Issues:

Although no compilations of content from the magazine has been released, Maximumrocknroll sells back issues all the way back through 1995 through its Website. Operation Phoenix Records also has an archive of some highlights on their site.

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