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Punk on the Screen

Whether it's in the theater or on the TV, here are reviews of the punkest flicks.

Pansy Division - 'Life in a Gay Rock Band' DVD Review
Pansy Division helped found the often unnoticed queercore music, making a place in the punk scene where open homosexuality was more open. 'Life in a Gay Rock Band' tells their story.

TV Party - The Documentary
From 1978 to 1982, the public access show TV Party embodied punk rock on television.

Best Punk Rock Movies
Over the years, many great punk films have been made. From comedies to biopics to mockumentaries to the straight out bizarre, here are out favorites.

Your favorite punk movies
Share your picks for the best punk films of all time.

Review - Night Of The Punks
When the Brain Deads play a show on Night of the Punks, they learn that they may not like their fan base that much.

Review - No Room For Rockstars
The tale of the Vans Warped Tour, No Room For Rockstars follows four bands as they get Warped.

Muse - Live at Rome Olympic Stadium, July 2013
Muse - Live at Rome Olympic Stadium, July 2013 is a concert film that delivers the full live experience to casual fans and diehards alike.

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