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Gypsy Punk - A Definition


Gypsy Punk - A Definition

Eugene Hutz - Creator of Gypsy Punk

Photo © Michael Lavine
Definition: A term first coined by Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hutz to describe his own music, Gypsy punk was first used to describe a blend of punk rock and Roma music:
I guess about maybe the late '90s when we all started meeting each other in New York, we were all driven by similar frustrations with predominant forms of music and just the state of culture in general. And a lot of us, you know, the future members of the Gogol Bordello, who were interested in music; me and Sergey, our violin player, being basically kind of the main force about it because we're directly, blood wise, out of a Romany background, out of Gypsy background. So for me, it wasn't only kind of a musical hobby for me, it was like my inspirational goldmine since day one.

I think we felt that the Western Civilization and culture had kind of exhausted itself or maybe repeated itself too many times at this point, you know? Which is very kind of a cultural and economic problem, unfortunately because it's favoring white products and force-feeding it; it's isolated itself from any foreign influence. - Eugene Hutz

The definition was expanded to include punk music that is blended with other types of music, including Eastern European, Klezmer and various elements of world music.

Pronunciation: JIP-see PUNK
Also Known As: Immigrant punk

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