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Punk Rock Record Labels

Many independent record labels are as interesting as the bands they handle, and certain sounds are often exclusive to certain labels. Here is a listing of independent record labels, many of which carry records by bands unavailable anywhere else.

Epitaph Records, Bad Religion Goes Good
Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion founded Epitaph Records to promote his albums. Today, it's one of the most popular punk labels.

Amphetamine Reptile
Amphetamine Reptile is the home for a lot of heavier, noisier punk bands. Its discography includes releases by Boss Hog, Halo of Flies, The Melvins, Chokebore and Cows.

Asian Man Records
Asian Man Records is a small, DIY record label run by punk musician Mike Park out of his parents' garage. Its roster consists of punk and ska bands, and the label has released albums by many well-known punk artists, including Alkaline Trio, Screeching Weasel, Big D and the Kids' Table, Blue Meanies and The Lawrence Arms.

Dischord Records
Founded in 1980 by Fugazi frontman Ian MacKaye, Dischord Records is the home for predominantly hardcore punk bands. Current artists on the label include Fugazi, Make-Up, Iron Cross, Youth Brigade, Rites of Spring and Bluetip. Dischord also handled classic punk bands such as Minor Threat, Teen Idles and Youth Brigade.

Fat Wreck Chords
Owned and operated by NOFX frontman Fat Mike since 1990, Fat Wreck Chords is the home for many popular punk bands, including Against Me!, Anti-Flag, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, No Use For A Name, and Swingin' Utters.

Go Kart Records
An independent record label based out of New York, Go Kart is the home for punk bands, including Buzzcocks, GBH and the Lunachicks.

Kill Rock Stars
Founded in 1991, Kill Rock Stars is considered to be label behind the Riot Grrl movement. Bands on the label include Bikini Kill, Bratmobile and Free Kitten.

Lookout! Records
The orginal home of Green Day, Lookout! has been the label for many punk bands who've gone on to major-label success, including Rancid and the Donnas.

Side One Dummy
Currently one of the most popular punk labels, Side One Dummy's roster includes 7Seconds, Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly and MXPX.

Sympathy for the Record Industry
Sympathy for the Record Industry has a long history involving many bands that have gone on to bigger labels, including The White Stripes and Hole. Their current roster includes The Dwarves, Holly Golightly and the Muffs.

An Interview with Lisa Fancher of Frontier Records
Lisa Fancher of Frontier Records talks about 30 years of Frontier Records, and how she became a punk pioneer.

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