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Album Reviews

Just because a band is making waves, it doesn't mean their latest album is any good. Check here for reviews on your favorite artist's latest release, as well as reviews of some punk essentials.
  1. Punk Albums from the Vaults (6)

Krum Bums - Cut The Noose
The Krum Bums latest album showcases how far they've traveled as a band.

Review: GBH - 'Perfume and Piss'
For almost 30 years, Charged GBH has been creating and defining the street punk sound. Perfume and Piss shows that GBH is still going.

Punk Goes Classic Rock
On 'Punk Goes Classic Rock,' punk isn't going anywhere...

A Review of Gogol Bordello - 'Trans-Continental Hustle'
On Trans-Continental Hustle, the Gypsy Punk attack of Gogol Bordello continues...

Slim Cessna's Auto Club - 'Buried Behind The Barn'
With Buried Behind The Barn, Slim Cessna's Auto Club have collected unreleased version of classic Cessna songs.

Review - Walter Schreifels 'An Open Letter to the Scene'
With An Open Letter to the Scene, hardcore legend Walter Schreifels goes for a solo effort that is well-produced but unmemorable.

Rifoki - 'Sperm Donor' EP
The hardcore side project from these dance producers is great. I just wish there were more.

Streetlight Manifesto - 99 Songs of A Revolution
99 Songs of a Revolution is Streetlight Manifesto's first foray into a cover album, and it shows why some songs should (and shouldn't) be covered by ska bands.

Triclops! - 'Helpers on the Other Side'
Triclops!, the noisy Bay Area punk band is back with music that's bigger than ever.

Tony Sly - '12 Song Program'
On 12 Song Program, No Use For A Name vocalist Tony Sly channels the Beatles and Bob Dylan to give a glimpse we rarely see when he sings for NUFAN.

Review: The New Enemy - 'Shakedown EP'
On the Shakedown EP, Toronto's New Enemy shows that classic hardcore sounds can still be fresh and relevant.

Alkaline Trio - This Addicition (Preview)
This Addiction by Alkaline Trio heralds the group's return to their punk roots, and their new home at Epitaph Records.

Dropkick Murphys - 'Live on Lansdowne, Boston MA' (Preview)
The second live album from the Dropkick Murphys, Live on Lansdowne, Boston MA captures the energy of the Dropkick Murphys' legendary St. Patrick's Day performances in Boston.

All Time Low - 'MTV UnPlugged'
Some pop punk bands can't handle acoustic unplugged sets. All Time Low can.

MxPx - 'Punk Rawk Christmas'
MxPx has a Punk Rawk Christmas ready, and it's actually quite merry.

NOFX - 'Cokie The Clown'
Five leftover tracks that didn't make it to 'Coaster,' 'Cokie the Clown' is in many ways more powerful than the songs that did, a 'Cokie the Clown' offers a rare glimpse into the mind of NOFX's Fat Mike.

Jemina Pearl - 'Break It Up'
On Jemina Pearl's solo album, the former vocalist for Be Your Pet has reemerged with a new sound. Unfortunately, Jemina Pearl is now a pop singer.

Alice Donut - 'Ten Glorious Animals'
On Ten Glorious Animals, old schoolers Alice Donut explore more than ten glorious sounds. Way more.

Teenage Bottlerocket - 'They Came From The Shadows'
On They Came From The Shadows, Teenage Bottlerocket is proving they can play like the Descendents and Ramones, without trying to be them.

Frank Turner - 'Poetry Of The Deed'
Frank Turner, former singer for Million Dead, went unplugged, and on Poetry of the Deed, Turner has probably made his punkest record yet.

Banner Pilot - 'Collapser'
Banner Pilot is the latest addition to the Fat Wreck Chords roster with the release of their album Collapser, and they’re a band that conjures up elements of Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio, blink182 and The Lawrence Arms at times. Unfortunately, none of it’s very memorable.

AFI - 'Crash Love' (Preview)
On Crash Love, AFI is reexploring who they are as a band, and tackling social and political themes at the same time.

Jay Reatard - 'Watch Me Fall'
On Watch Me Fall, garage punk rocker Jay Reatard has compiled some perfect pop tunes.

'Up End Atom: A Tribute To Atom and His Package'
On Up End Atom: A Tribute To Atom and His Package, a host of suitably geeky bands get to together to pay tribute to Atom and His Package and fight diabetes.

Brokencyde - 'I’m Not A Fan But The Kids Like It!'
Call it crunkcore if you want, just don't call Brokencyde's I’m Not A Fan But The Kids Like It! good.

New Tomorrow - 'We're Counting On The Youth'
On Skeleton Crew Records (owned by Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance), New Tomorrow is bringing back old school hardcore. On 'We're Counting On The Youth,' New Tomorrows hardcore sound is a blast from the past that smells like fresh air.

iwrestledabearonce - 'It's All Happening'
On 'It's All Happening,' iwrestledabearonce have reinvented grindcore, making iwrestledabearonce and 'It's All Happening' both really innovative.

Alexisonfire - 'Old Crows/Young Cardinals'
With, Old Crows/Young Cardinals, Alexisonfire's first album in three years, Alexisonfire is reinventing themselves, and Old Crows/Young Cardinals is their best album to date.

Burning Image - 'Fantasma'
A solidly influential death rock band from California, Burning Image has been out of the loop for over 20 years. Fantasma changes this. With Fantasma, Burning Image brings their dark sound back to the light.

Girl In A Coma - 'Trio B.C.'
On 'Trio B.C.,' Girl in a Coma have proven that they can evolve, making Trio B.C. an even better record than 'Both Before I'm Gone', Girl in A Coma's first release.

Mike Hererra's Tumbledown
MXPX frontman Mike Hererra releases his second album of the year with Mike Hererra's Tumbledown. This time it's a country album.

NOFX - Coaster
Coaster, the latest from NOFX, is nothing new for the band. But with NOFX, it doesn't have to be.

Vaselines - Enter the Vaselines
A lesser-known, yet influential punk band, Glasgow's the Vaselines have a new release of old material on Enter the Vaselines.

Rancid - Let The Dominos Fall (Preview)
With Let the Dominos Fall, Rancid has released what Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong calls his favorite Rancid album yet.

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown
Following 2004's American Idiot, 21st Century Breakdown will be another punk rock opera that shows the way Green Day is headed.

New Found Glory - 'Not Without A Fight'
The band's first release on Epitaph, Not Without A Fight finds New Found glory heading back to classic pop punk.

The Mighty Stef - '100 Midnights'
With a complex sound that ranges from blues to Gypsy punk, Stef Murphy isn't really a Celtic punk musician, but he does fit in with them.

Joe Coffee - 'When The Fabric Don't Fit The Frame'
'When The Fabric Don't Fit The Frame' is great album when the band's sound works. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, it doesn't.

MXPX - 'On The Cover II' (Review)
The long-awaited followup to 'On The Cover,' MXPX is back with more covers on 'On The Cover II."

Riverboat Gamblers - 'Underneath the Owl'
With 'Underneath the Owl,' Riverboat Gamblers have evolved and matured without losing any of the energy that makes their live shows so incredible.

(hed)p.e. - 'New World Orphans'
Hardcore veterans (hed)p.e. return with their seventh, and most political album yet — the driving 'New World Orphans'.

Vinnie Stigma - 'New York Blood'
It's surely not Stigma's best work, but 'New York Blood' is a good nostalgic record for long-time Agnostic Front Fans.

Blatz and Filth - The S**t Split
Alternative Tentacles has done an amazing job getting rights to repress essential out-of-print albums in recent years, and 'The S**t Split' is surely no exception.

Thursday - 'Common Existence'
Thursday is promising an evolution of their post-hardcore sound with their latest release, Common Existence.

Cousin Dale - Quickly, Rapidly, Efficiently... And Fast
It's been 10 years since their last album, but 'Quickly, Rapidly, Efficiently... And Fast' shows waht Cousin Dale has been up to. They've been growing up.

Street Dogs - 'State Of Grace'
Former Dropkick Murphy Mike McColgan is back with 'State Of Grace', the third from blue-collar Boston punks the Street Dogs.

Review: Polysics - 'We Ate The Machine
Four Japanese musicians express their love affair with Devo with a really catchy release.

Review: Rise Against - 'Appeal To Reason'
Following 2006’s widely successful release, 'The Sufferer & The Witness', Rise Against has released 'Appeal To Reason', a record that proves the band is not content to rest on the laurels of the sound and following they’ve developed.

Review: Unwritten Law - 'Live and Lawless'
After more than a decade, Unwritten Law's high energy live show has been captured for posterity.

Review: Plan 9 - 'Manmade Monster'
You probably won't ever hear Danzig with the Misfits again, so 'Manmade Monsters' by Plan 9 might be the next best thing.

G.G. Elvis and the TCP Band - 'Back From The Dead'
On 'Back From The Dead,' G.G. Elvis and the TCP Band have achieved the unthinkable by making a punk Elvis tribute that is somehow gimmicky without getting overly gimmicky.

The Briggs - 'Come All You Madmen'
On, 'Come All You Madmen,' the Briggs play So Cal punk with an East Coast flair.

Sound and Fury - 'Sound And Fury'
Never mind the politics; Toronto's Sound and Fury are here to party.

Song of the Siren - 'City Lights Are Blinding You'
With alternative power pop that recalls the Foo Fighters and vocals that range from breathy to vulnerable, Song of the Siren debut with the eclectic 'City Lights Are Blinding You.'

Donita Sparks + The Stellar Moments – "Transmiticate"
Former L7 frontwoman Donita Sparks is back with her solo debut, proving she's the '90s bad girl that won't - and shouldn't - call it quits.

The Feelings Mutual - "The Feelings Mutual EP"
Although it's only five songs long, the debut EP from The Feelings Mutual shows a wide range.

Amebix - "No Sanctuary - The Spiderleg Recordings"
Crass spawned Amebix, Amebix spawned crust. This is when they did it.

Spark Is A Diamond - "Try This On For Size"
On "Try This On For Size", Spark Is A Diamond merge dance music with hardcore - and somehow it turned out great.

Ministry and Co-conspirators - "Cover Up"
It's fun, but not necessarily great.

Handheld - "Handheld"
Handheld's years of hard work may have finally paid off with the release of their energetic self-titled CD.

Eyes Set To Kill - "Reach"
Melodic metal meets screamo with "Reach", the debut album by Eyes Set to Kill.

D.I. - On The Western Front
Essential old schoolers D.I. are back, and they still have something to say

Smartbomb - Chaos and Lawlessness
Even at 12 minutes, Smartbomb's debut EP is too long.

Bob Mould - District Line
District Line is an album that sums up all of Bob Mould's sounds thus far, and leaves me eager to hear what will come next.

Secondhand Serenade - A Twist in my Story
MySpace darling Jon Vesely is back with another album, fully-fleshed and lusher than a bucket of... some other things that are lush.

Danger Radio - Punch Your Lights Out
Danger Radio started as an indie pop-punk band, but decided they’d rather play the music they most enjoy listening to. That is, dance pop with more musical sophistication than what is typically found on the dance charts.

The Exit Strategy - City of Microphones
"City of Microphones" from Buffalo's The Exit Strategy is a tough record to get into, but it's really worth the work.

Lavender Diamond - Imagine Our Love
On Imagine Our Love, Becky Stark and Lavender Diamond have crafted ethereal pop tunes that are perfectly written and infinitely cute.

Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer - Schematics
On Schematics, Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer delivers 10 tasty pop-punk ditties that make you feel good about feeling bad.

The Emo Diaries, Chapter 11 - Taking Back What’s Ours
For this, the 11th, Deep Elm records has compiled the "finest" in emo. To be fair, only half of the record is awful.

Far From Finished - Living in the Fallout
On their sophomore release, Boston's Far From Finished have put together a record that's often blatantly negative, but also intensely sincere.

Help George Tabb - Volume I
Help George Tabb - Volume I, is a Psychic Hamster Records tribute to help punk veteran George Tabb pay his medical bills in the wake of 911.

Dropkick Murphys - The Meanest of Times
The Meanest of Times finds the Dropkick Murphys on top of their musical game. So why don't I like it?

Mouth Sewn Shut - Doomed Future Today
Boston's Mouth Sewn Shut meld hardcore and crust with reggae rhythms to create a sound all their own.

A Global Threat - Where The Sun Never Sets
Boston hardcore punks A Global Threat are back with what may be their tightest album yet.

A Heartwell Ending - Trust Us, We Lie
A Heartwell Ending's latest release is pure emo, but nothing new. If you like this kind of stuff, you'll be into it. Just don't look for innovation.

Alkaline Trio - Remains
These guys have always been some of the best songwriters around (especially when you're in the mood for bitter, drunken breakup songs, or bitterness in general), and their buzzsaw guitars are distinctive and memorable. Their latest release just confirms it.

American Eyes - Never Trust Anything That Bleeds
American Eyes debut EP consists of five songs about broken hearts, with a nice little dance beat to back them up.

Anti-Flag - For Blood And Empire
Anti-Flag's latest release is both their most aggressive and their most musically diverse album to date.

Applicators - My Weapon
The Applicators play a brand of punk rock that is straight out of the mid-80s. This is definitely an album you could file under guilty pleasures, but you don't need to feel guilty for simply loving it either.

As Tall as Lions - As Tall as Lions
The self-titled sophomore release from this Long Island outfit is a swirling blur of well-mixed indie sounds.

Awesome Color - Awesome Color
Hailing from the land of Iggy Pop and The MC5, Awesome Color are definitely influenced by them. Their album is a dirty, decadent tribute the big rock sounds of the bands that helpred create American punk.

Be Your Own Pet - Be Your Own Pet
This bunch of punk rock high schoolers blend hard-hitting power and melodic punk into a sound that's nearly flawless.

Blight - Detroit: The Dream Is Dead
The compiled recordings of this Midwestern hardcore noise band were recorded over 20 years ago, but they hold up really well.

Bloodhag - Hellbent For Letters
Bloodhag combines literary references with punk and metal under the banner of "edu-core". Their mission? To expose punks and metalheads to reading.

Bonk - Against Nothing
If the Stooges and AC/DC had hooked up to jam in a basement somewhere, I'm not to sure the results would have been any different than this album.

Boys Like Girls - Boys Like Girls
Boys Like Girls doesn't reinvent the wheel, they take some else's wheel and roll with it.

Brats On The Beat: Ramones For Kids
Brats On The Beat is a collection of kid-friendly versions of Ramones songs. Performed by real punk musicians, this should be an essential album in any parent's collection.

Bullets and Octane - In the Mouth of the Young
On In the Mouth of the Young, the latest release from Bullets and Octane, the band blends gritty punk and hard rock into a result that's better than its ingredients.

Bullys - BQE Overdrive
Bullys frontman Johnny Heff was a New York City firefighter, one of the many who died in the World Trade Center saving others. This nearly spelled the end of the Bullys, the end of a great sound in New York punk. Ultimately, the band decided to carry on and keep the sound - and Heff's memory and punk rock spirit - alive.

Buzzcocks - flat-pack philospophy
The Buzzcocks' newest release brings more of their classic pop punk sound, but that's not all. Steve Diggle also delivers some stripped down tracks, giving listeners a glimpse at a new direction for the band.

Clit 45 - 2,4,6,8... We're The Kids You Love To Hate
Clit 45's latest release, a re-recorded compilation of some of their earlier songs, proves that old school hardcore punk is alive and well.

Clorox Girls - J'aime Les Filles
Clorox Girls play great, fast bursts of California punk rock that owe as much to the Beach Boys and Buddy Holly as it does to the Germs, and their new album is quickly on its way to becoming my pick for this year's summer soundtrack.

Dash Rip Rock - Hee Haw Hell

What happens when Dante's Inferno gets moonshine spilled all over it, and is then set on fire? Hee Haw Hell, the latest from Dash Rip Rock.

Die Hunns - You Rot Me
Die Hunns, a band dually fronted by Duane Peters of U.S. Bombs and Corey Parks from Nashville Pussy, never fails to bring the rock. This album might be their best one yet.

Fishbone - Still Stuck In Your Throat
Fishbone's unique blending of ska, punk, reggae, funk and metal has long made them one of America's most innovative and exciting punk bands. The band's first recording of new material in six years is easily one of the best albums you'll hear this year.

Fleshies - Scrape The Walls
After two years in the studio, the Fleshies are back with their most ambitious record yet.

Girl In A Coma - Both Before I'm Gone
Girl In A Coma is one of the latest bands to come out on Joan Jett's Blackheart Records, and based on what I've heard so far from this label I'm yet to be convinced that Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna can do any wrong when it comes to choosing young bands and producing stellar records.

Gogol Bordello - Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike
Gogol Bordello's latest release is a swirling Eastern European dance party, complete with fiddle, accordion, and the nice addition of electric guitars.

GoldBlade - Punk Rockers in the Dancehall
By compiling all of their anthems on one album, these UK punks have created an album that's a definite winner in my book.

Golem - Fresh Off Boat
Golem is a six-piece outfit that blends Eastern-European folk music and traditional Jewish Klezmer with a bit of folksy punk rock to make an exotic, edgy, explosive dance party.

Goons of Doom - The Story Of Dead Barbie And Ghost
They never intended to be band, but Goons of Doom had so much fun pretending to be a band that they kept with it. It was a good call.

Greeley Estates - Far From The Lies
The latest album from Arizona's Greeley Estates attempts to follow in the footsteps of bands like Taking Back Sunday, and misses a few steps.

Guttermouth - Shave The Planet
For ten albums that span over a decade, Guttermouth has been creating smug, snotty punk rock. Once you hear their latest, you'll realize some things never change.

Halifax - The Inevitability of a Strange World
On the Inevitability of a Strange World, Halifax brings out a helping of Crue-inspired hardcore that really rocks.

hellogoodbye - Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!
Before you pick up this album, you should be aware that it contains no songs about zombies, aliens, vampires or dinosaurs. In fact, despite it's title, this album is preominantly made up of synthesized love songs. As long as you're aware of that, you won't be too disappointed.

Helvetia - The Clever North Wind
Formed from the remnants of the indie powerhouse Duster, Helvetia blends low-fi indie rock noise with psychedlic rock for a result that's soothing, dreamy and a bit dark.

I Object - Teaching Revenge
A fiercely political hardcore band with a female vocalist, upstate New York's I Object deliver angry hardcore with a positive message.

It Came From Detroit
A documentary on the Detroit garage scene, "It Came From Detroit" is candid and fun. It paints a picture that allows you to see exactly how it all came together to create a great music scene.

Joan Jett and The Blackhearts - Sinner
Whether you consider her the godmother of punk, the first riot grrl, or simply a great rock and roll musician, the simple fact is that Joan Jett's latest album is solid, fun rock and roll.

Kings Of Nuthin' - Over The Counter Culture
The Kings of Nuthin' add saxophones and piano to street punk to create a bizarre but fun blend of punk and swing.

Lion of Judah - Universal Peace
Knowing that Lion Of Judah makes DC Hardcore and draws heavily from their predecessors does nothing to prepare you for this record; it's anything but predictable.

Mad Sin - Dead Moon's Calling
Mad Sin serves up psychobilly, rockabilly, country and punk. It's the last thing you'd expect from a German band.

Ministry - The Last Sucker
For his 11th and final album, Al Jourgenson has rediscovered what made Ministry great.

Monikers - Eat Your Young
Fronted by former Discount guitarist Ryan Seagrist (not Seacrest), this is very much an ep from a band that sounds like a work in progress.

Mustard Plug - In Black and White
One of the great third-wave ska bands, Mustard Plug, is back with a record that's a little old and a lot new.

New Found Glory - Coming Home
The latest from New Found Glory, Coming Home is a poppy masterpiece that's a bit light on substance.

Nothington - All In
It's an album that's equal parts Ducky Boys and Social Distortion, equal parts honky tonk and punk rock, and equal parts desperation and inspiration.

O Pioneers!!! - Black Mambas
With song titles like "I Heard That New Ashlee Simpson Record is Pretty Killer" and "Motley Crue, Probably Saved My Life", you might think you're looking at a joke album. That's not the case.

Ouija Radio - Oh No... Yes! Yes!
On Ouija Radio's Oh No... Yes! Yes!, this Minneapolis-based trio delivers a sound that mixes up punk, rock, folk and a bunch of other stuff. It's thick and delicious.

Park - Building a Better _____
Building a Better _____, the latest from Park, is pure emo, but don't let that stop you from checking these guys out.

Patent Pending - Save Each Other, The Whales Are Doing Fine
A review of Patent Pending's 2006 release.

Peaches - Impeach My Bush
Peaches' third album is more of the raunchy raps and crunchy guitars we know and love this little lady for.

Pepper - No Shame
This bit of Reggae-influenced rock will appeal to fans of Sublime and anyone else looking to chill out.

PlayRadioPlay! - The Frequency EP
PlayRadioPlay! is the creation of Seventeen year-old Dan Hunter, a Texas kid who has become the latest MySpace phenom.

Queen Bee - Girl On Top
The legendary punk queen is back with a solo album that's just as sexy and hard rocking as she ever has been.

Reel Big Fish - Monkeys for Nothin' and the Chimps for Free
On their first full-length album since they were emancipated from their label, Reel Big Fish lets us know they're back, and they're ready to party.

Reel Big Fish - Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album
Reel Big Fish's latest is a three-disc set that works as both a greatest hits compilation and an excellent live album.

Review: The Vacancies - Tantrum
In a year that is already proving to be the best year for punk rock in quite a while, The Vacancies are making it even better with Tantrum.

Rise Against - The Sufferer And The Witness
The latest from Chicago hardcore rockers is a dark, vaguely political look at what's going on in the world around us.

Riverboat Gamblers - To The Confusion of Our Enemies
The Riverboat Gamblers are a bunch of Texas punks who may have made the album you'll be listening to all summer.

Roger Miret and the Disasters - My Riot
Fronted by the legendary singer from Agnostic Front, Roger Miret and the Disasters latest album is a solid departure from hardcore into simple straghtforward street punk.

Samiam - Whatever's Got You Down
After a six-year break, Samiam is back with an album that is rawer and more heartfelt than ever.

Set Your Goals - Mutiny!
Set Your Goals - Mutiny! CD review

Sledgeback - People's Choice
A review of Sledgeback's 2004 release.

Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers - Pandelirium
The newest release from Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers, is dark and a bit frightening. It's also one of the best punk albums to come out this year.

The Bouncing Souls - The Gold Record
Even after more than 15 years, the Bouncing Souls are proving they can still make fresh, strong punk rock. Their latest album may be their best yet.

The Briefs - Steal Yer Heart
A review of The Briefs' 2005 release.

the Bugs - Live in Paradiso 78-81
The Bugs - proof that early punk rock wasn't reserved for the U.K. and U.S.

The Dead Betties - Nightmare Sequence
Just like their New York ancestors Sonic Youth, the Dead Betties take punk rock and noise and make it art.

The Dirty Royals - Obsessed America
The debut EP from The Dirty Royals is simply 17 minutes of Brit-rock power-pop punk. The guitars are great, and the vocals have a swagger. Expect great things from these guys.

The Dresden Dolls - Yes, Virginia
The dynamic duo responsible for inventing the punk cabaret are back, but they've mixed it up a bit.

The Ducky Boys - The War Back Home
A review of the Ducky Boys' 2006 release.

The Eat - It's Not The Eat, It's The Humidity
Little-known outside of Florida, The Eat were dangerously close to disappearing, until Alternative Tentacles brought them back from the archives.

The Fix - At The Speed Of Twisted Thought
For 22 months in the early '80s, The Fix was doling out hardcore aggression on the Midwest scene. They're long gone now, but this is their legacy.

The Gentleman Homicide - Understanding The Words We Speak
The latest from The Gentleman Homicide, Understanding The Words We Speak is a solid attempt at music from some very talented musicians. The resulting album is a bit too complex for the casual listener.

The Hedrons - One More Won't Kill Us
While I'm not sure what Scottish music should sound like, this ain't it. The Hedrons are an all-girl act that are all about punk rock a' la the Stooges and Ramones.

The Knights of the New Crusade - A Challenge to the Cowards of Christendom
This Christian punk release on Alternative Tentacles is a tough one to figure out.

The Living End - State Of Emergency
The latest from Aussie punks The Living End is solid and well-produced, but nothing new.

The Lost Tracks Of Danzig
A carrer-spanning collection of tracks that were left out of previos albums, The Lost Tracks Of Danzig are all new, yet dark and familiar.

The States - Multiply Not Divide
The States latest release is a perfect example of post-punk indie rock, with fuzzy guitars and poetic lyrics.

The Vacancies - A Beat Missing Or A Silence Added
The Vacancies first album on Joan Jett's Blackheart Records, A Beat Missing Or A Silence Added, is a heady dose of rock and punk, with a solid message as well.

Thunderlip - The Prophecy
Like their North Carolina brethren, Valient Thorr, Thunderlip plays a heavy-hitting twisted version of Southern garage punk.

Towers Of London - Blood Sweat & Towers
By mashing hard rock with punk, the Towers of London have created one of the best albums to comoe out this year.

Toys That Kill - Shanked!
The former frontman of F.Y.P. continues to show why his new band is a good idea.

Triclops! Cafeteria Brutalia
Triclops! is an ambitious band. Formed by friends from four other bands (The Fleshies, Lower Forty-Eight, Bottles & Skulls and Victim's Family), they have assembled a musical force that is intent on making music that is loud, complex and somewhat disquieting.

Turbo Fruits - Turbo Fruits
While they are made up of half of Be Your Own Pet, Turbo Fruits is nothing like them, other than the fact that they also rock.

Valient Thorr - Legend Of The World
On Legend Of The World, the Venusian members of Valient Thorr deliver Southern-styled rock that could have only been created by musicians who are not of this Earth.

Vice Squad - Defiant
While Vice Squad's current incarnation may only have one original member, it doesn't preven them from playing great punk rock.

Wednesday Night Heroes - Guilty Pleasures
The latest on BYO Records, Wednesday Night Heroes mashes street, crust and hardcore to create powerful, addictive anthems. It's perfect for any night, not just Wednesday.

Wilson Gil & The Willful Sinners - American Banned
A review of Wilson Gil & The Willful Sinners' 2006 release.

Witches With Dicks - Manual
From the same scene that brought you the Ducky Boys and Dropkick Murphys, Witches With Dicks serve up a hefty helping of Boston blue-collar street punk.

Review - Against Me! 'White Crosses'
White Crosses, Against Me!'s second album both with Sire records and with legendary producer Butch Vig, and it’s musically their most complex album yet. Whether that’s a good thing or not is subject to debate.

Gaslight Anthem - American Slang
Amaerican Slang may not be as catchy as the '59 Sound, but it's strong and good.

D.O.A. - 'Talk - Action = 0'
The Canadian old school is alvive and well, as is evident from D.O.A.'s Talk - Action = 0

Personal and the Pizzas - 'Raw Pie'
It would be silly if they weren't serious, but Personal and the Pizzas play Ramones influenced punk rock songs, often about pizza.

A Review of the Zombie BP by The Devil Wears Prada
On the Zombie EP, The Devil Wears Prada have figured out how to make their sound work.

Kid Liberty - 'Fight With Your Fists'
In the world of pop punk and hardcore, it’s rare to find a band that just cuts through the clutter of all the mediocre music to become something that’s fun, interesting and worthy of repeated listenings. On Fight With Your Fists, Dallas outfit Kid Liberty do exactly that, but not by doing anything new.

NOFX - The Longest EP
The Longest EP from NOFX compiles classic EPs from NOFX, many on CD for the first time.

Review - Street Dogs
The Street Dogs self-titled album may be their best yet, loaded with the fist-pumping anthems that make Boston punk and the Street Dogs great.

Dash Rip Rock - 'Call of the Wild'
With Call of the Wild, Dash Rip Rock have made cowpunk concept record, where the concept is all about partying.

Review: The Vaselines - Sex With An X
The first album from The Vaselines in 20 years was well worth the wait.

Less Than Jake - TV/EP
On Less Than Jake's TV/EP, the band explores songs familiar to many of us, forgoing Less Than Jake's traditional substance for pur fun.

A Review of the Batusis
If you're looking for a true punk rock supergroup, it's the Batusis

Review - Roger Miret and the Disasters - Gotta Get Up Now
With Gotta Get Up Now, Agnostic Front frontman Roger Miret shows how refreshing his punk sounds can be, even after all these years

Social Distortion - Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes
On Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes, Social Distortion comes to Epitaph Records with a mature, yet still genre defying sound.

Death - Spiritual Mental Physical
Not to be confused with the death metal band, Detroit proto punks Death were an African American band composed of three brothers who were doing it alongside the Stooges and MC5.

A Review of Me First and The Gimme Gimmes 'Go Down Under'
It might be formulaic, but Me First and The Gimme Gimmes Go Down Under follows a good formula.

Eddie Spaghetti - Sundowner
Wirh Sundowner, Supersuckers frontman Eddie Spaghetti does a country

D.R.U.G.S. - Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows
With Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, former Chiodos frontman shows he's moved on - sort of.

Bowling For Soup - Fishin' For Woos
On Fishin' For Woos, Bowling For Soup brings a pop punk fun time.

Poly Styrene - Generation Indigo
Poly Styrene - Generation Indigo

Face To Face - Laugh Now, Laugh Later
The first Face To Face album in almost a decade, Laugh Now, Laugh Later shows a fast return to form.

Steel Horse - On A Steel Horse We Ride EP (Free Download)
Dublin's the Mighty Stef is back with a side project that's taking him to the garage.

Street Eaters - Rusty Eyes and Hydrocarbons
Street Eaters - Rusty Eyes and Hydrocarbons

Newermind, A Tribute Album
On Newermind, A Tribute Album, a wide variety of bands pay tribute to Nirvana's Nevermind.

iwrestledabearonce - Ruining it for Everybody
iwrestledabearonce - Ruining it for Everybody

Cute Lepers - Adventure Time
On Adventure Time, the Cute Lepers pick up where the Briefs left off, taking '77-influenced punk and combining it with new wave.

Shonen Knife - Osaka Ramones
Shonen Knife celebrates 30 years with a tribute to the Ramones.

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes Sing in Japanese
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes set their sights on Japan and cover songs you probably have never heard.

The Misfits - Devils Rain
With almost 35 years of history, the Misfits are back in yet another form that still holds true to their original idea.

Chuck Ragan - Covering Ground
Former Hot Water Music frontman Chuck Ragan plays folk-punk troubadour admirably on Covering Ground.

Jane's Addiction - The Great Escape Artist
Jane's Addiction's latest, the Great Escape Artist, is, simply put, not as good as past albums.

Mike Park - Smile
Asian Man Records founder Mike Park has recorded an album of children's music that will be fun for kids of all ages.

Review: Various Artists - Are You With The Band?
Are You With The Band? is compilation of female-fronted punk bands that seeks to make women rockers more than a novelty act.

Dead Milkmen - The King In Yellow
The Dead Milkmen stage a righteous return after 16 years with the King in Yellow.

Review: brokeNCYDE - Guilty Pleasures
Could brokenCYDE get worse? This review of Guilty Pleasures answers that question with a resounding yes.

Various Artists - Punk Goes Pop 4
On Punk Goes Pop 4, it just shows how pop punk has gotten.

The Disconnects ...Are Healthy
On ...Are Healthy, The Disconnects conjure up the era of the New York Dolls and the Dead Boys.

I Am The Avalanche - Avalanche United
After a hiatus of half a decade, I Am The Avalanche emerges with Avalanche United.

JuiceheaD - How To Sail a Sinking Ship
A new release on Misfits Records, How To Sail a Sinking Ship is a solid punk record from JuiceheaD.

Andrew Jackson Jihad - Knife Man
Andrew Jackson Jihad's Knife Man is a record about problems with no solutions. And it's also about why that's not the problem.

Leningrad Cowboys - Buena Vodka Social Club
At times Buena Vodka Social Club makes no sense, but that's never stopped the Leningrad Cowboys before, and it doesn't this time.

Birds In Row - Collected
Birds In Row play mid-tempo hardcore that's fun and never repetitive.

The Disconnects/Crazy & The Brains - Are On The Other Side
With more rock from the Disconnects, along with quirkiness from their labelmates Crazy & the Brains, get ready for Are on the Other Side.

Enter Shikari - A Flash Flood Of Colour
Hardcore, electro and dubstep come together to create Enter Shikari, one of the most exciting bands out right now.

Koffin Kats - Our Way and the Highway
Detroit's Koffin Kats have come a long way to release Our Way and the Highway, their collection of psychobilly road songs.

Dropkick Murphys Going Out In Style: Live at Fenway (Deluxe Edition)
As far as the Dropkick Murphys are concerned, it's not too soon for a rerelease, and the Deluxe Fenway Edition of Going Out In Style truly delivers.

Seas Will Rise - Disease Is Our Refrain
Former Landmine Marathon guitarist Eric Saylor gets hardcore with his debut from Seas Will Rise.

Review - Bastards of Fate - Who's A Fuzzy Buddy?
Roanoke VA's Bastards of Fate deliver spacy psychedelic fun on their debut, Who's A Fuzzy Buddy?

Punk Aid - Aceh Calling
With both its message and its music, Aceh Calling may be the most important album to come out in quite some time.

The Riverboat Gamblers - The Wolf You Feed
The Riverboat Gamblers return with The Wolf You Feed, their first in three years, and a record worth waiting for.

Underclass UK - Kill the Poor
London's Underclass UK offers up Kill The Poor blue-collar punk record loaded with metal and glam influences.

Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust - Toxic Waste Split
Two bands tasked with keeping crossover thrash alive, Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust come together to stand their ground.

Stay Together Volume 5 - An Indonesian Hardcore Punk Compilation
A charitable record in the vein of Aceh Calling, Stay Together Volume 5, an Indonesian hardcore punk compilation, presents a wide variety of Indonesian hardcore.

Versus the World - Drink. Sing. Live. Love.
Drink. Sing. Live. Love. by Versus The World is a record that melds pop punk and post hardcore into something that's worth the while it's taken to produce.

Reel Big Fish - Candy Coated Fury
Candy Coated Fury, Reel Big Fish's seventh album, is as good as anything they've ever done. Which means it's really good.

Various Artists - A Tribute to Repo Man
Repo Man was a great film with a great soundtrack, so a tribute to it is both a worthy and formidable goal.

Review - Andrew WK - I Get Wet 10th Anniversary Special Edition
If you didn't get I Get Wet the first time around, now's the time to pick up Andrew WK's party-fueled classic. If you did, I don't know that it's worth it.

Review - Gaytheist - 'Stealth Beats'
Portland's Gaytheist combine hardcore, pop and high weirdness into something that defies definition, but comes out incredible.

Review - Scandals Trenchknife EP
The Scandals Trenchknife Ep mixes the Bouncing Souls, Ramones, Descendents and Rancid into something awesome.

Review: Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra - Theatre is Evil
While Amanda Palmer still rules the punk, her new role fronting the Grand Theft Orchestra has found her exploring the sound in different ways.

Street Eaters - Self-titled
The band who first wowed me with Rusty Eyes and Hydrocarbons, Street Eaters are back with more music to fuel nostalgia.

Review: Trc - the Story so Far
UK hardcore outfit TRC mashes thrash, hardcore and hip hop into a raw sound that should serve as a wake up call to the US underground.

Review: Legendary Wings - Making Paper Roses
Making Paper Roses was a record that Dirtnap Records found so good, that Legendary Wings was signed on unsolicited demo. Check it out and see why.

Bayside - Covers - Volume 1
When Bayside chose their influences for Covers Volume 1, they made some surprising choices.

The New Enemy - Darkness, She Was The Universe
Toronto's The New Enemy have released With Darkness, She Was The Universe, another record that makes me question how unexplored Canada's hardcore scene is.

Bloodnstuff - Bloodnstuff
With an unbelievably big sound, it's hard to imagine that Bloodnstuff is just a duo.

Review - Shark Week Ep
Shark Week is an awesome phenomena, so can the DC band live up to their name?

Rage Against The Machine - 20th Anniversary Edition Deluxe Box Set
20 years after politically charged debut, Rage Against The Machine releases an anniversary edition of their debut release with a bunch of extras.

Review - Vultures United - Girls
A collection of songs traditionally performed by women, Girls is Vulture United's realization of a Kickstarter funded project.

Review - Restorations - A/B 7"
Phuladelhia's Restorations are a bit folk, somewhat punk and kind of indie rock - and it all works out.

Best Practices - EP LP
Best Practices are an exercise in efficiency, delivering one of the best records of the year in a mere 12 minutes.

Young Skin - Sticky Pages EP
Young Skin reaches back to classic sounds to present serious girl-powered punk rock.

Review - Jawbreaker - Bivouac
Jawbreaker helped create emo, and with the re-release of Bivouac we see that it was once a good idea.

Review - Dropkick Murphys - Signed And Sealed In Blood
Signed And Sealed In Blood marks more from Dropkick Murphys and their smart songwriting and Irish-fueled punk rock.

Review - D.O.A. - We Come In Peace
An adventurous album to end a 35-year career withWe Come In Peace is D.O.A. swan song, and it's a good one.

Review: Unifier - Colorado
With Colorado, Unifier may be showing us the future of Future Ghosts.

Lovely Bad Things - The Late Great Whatever
On The Late Great Whatever, Lovely Bad Things draw some unmistakeable Pixies influences, but where they take it from there is the great part.

Grave Babies - Crusher
Seattle's Grave Babies deliver a sound on Crusher that was once thought to have died out with the demise of goth clubs.

Turbogeist - Ancient Secrets
They're called Turbogeist, and their new EP is called Ancient Secrets. They're called this because being called Mick Jagger's son's band doesn't have much cred.

Review - Bronx IV
After breaking for a bit to be a mariachi band, the Bronx emerge stronger than ever.

Gin Wigmore - Gravel & Wine
New Zealand's Gin Wigmore exposes her diverse influences on Gravel & Wine.

Review: The Tossers - Emerald City
The Tossers celebrate their hometown of Chicago and 20 years of being a Celtic Punk band on The Emerald City.

Review: Vondelpark - Seabed
It's hard to summon up much more than a yawn for the full-length debut from London's Vondelpark.

Husker Du - Amusement
Husker Du's first release, Amusement presents the band like they'd never be again.

Crazy & The Brains - Let Me Go
It may or may not be time for xylophone punk, but if it is, Crazy & The Brains are at the forefront.

Review: Melvins = Everybody Loves Sausages
Although the Melvins may seem like one of the last bands to do a covers album Everybody Loves Sausages shows that it's a very Melvins thing to do.

Review: Nice Hooves - Nice Hooves
The self-titled album by Nices Hooves is an explosive blend of aggression and melody - and it's free.

Review: TRC - Nation
TRC's blend of hardcore and hip hop on nation prove that the US can't match the state of the sound today.

Koffin Kats - Born Of The Motor
After years on the Road, Koffin Kats celebrate their home town of Detroit on Born of the Motor.

An Evening With Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman
Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman have released a compilation of live tracks from their honeymoon tour, which sees the duo celebrating with story and song.

Death of Samantha - If Memory Serves Us Well
A Cleveland classic band returns with a renewed recording of classic tracks.

1-800-Band - Diver Blue EP
New York's 1-800-Band have a sound that hearkens back to the Cars and Blondie, with the energy of Generation X and Ramones.

Lydia Lunch and Cypress Grove - A Fistful of Desert Blues
Lydia Lunch and Cypress Grove come together on On A Fistful of Desert Blues to create a bit of sexy twang.

Disgust - Fifteen Years Of Pent Up Bullshit
On Fifteen Years Of Pent Up Bullshit, Detroit's hardcore veterans Disgust roll with a sound that's both classic and fresh.

Lucero: Live From Atlanta
It takes a lot to capture a live Lucero show, and Lucero: Live From Atlanta puts together over two hours of music to do it.

Deal's Gone Bad - Heartbreaks & Shadows
Deal's Gone Bad continues their classic mix of ska, rocksteady, skinhead reggae and soul on Heartbreaks & Shadows. But I'm just not in love with it this time.

The Homeless Gospel Choir - I Used To Be So Young
On I Used To Be So Young, The Homeless Gospel Choir breathes punk energy to the spirit of folk protest music.

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