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Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust - Toxic Waste Split

Keeping crossover alive...

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Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust - Toxic Waste Split

Toxic Waste

Years ago, I listened heavily to serious crossover thrash bands, those bands like Dirty Rotton Imbeciles, Suicidal Tendencies and Corrosion of Conformity that took hold of hardcore punk and metal influences and blended them at high speeds into tight, furious musical constructs designed to whip a circle pit into a serious frenzy. It's been several years since I that music saw heavy rotation at my house - chalk it up to simply growing old, coupled with the fact that my body just can't handle the abuse dished up in those pits anymore - but there is always going to be a soft spot in my heart for the sound, which leads me to occasionally throw Thrash Zone or Possessed To Skate and play them loud enough to have my neighbors pounding on the walls and ceilings, and it also leads me to seek out new thrash now and then.

And if you're looking for new thrash, Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust are probably the best bands to turn to. If any bands are responsible for keeping the classic sound alive and taking what was laid down before them and delivering it to resurgence, it's these two bands. Which is what lead Toxic Waste, their aptly named split to make its way to my hands. Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust appearing side by side on one 12" with exclusive tracks - what's not to love? It definitely had me digging into it with a voracious appetite.

And it's a platter with no fat at all, with the longest track clocking in at just two and a half minutes, the bands get in, slap you around and then get out again.

The record opens with Municipal Waste who tear through tracks with metal-laced abandon, leaving you ready for the slightly dirtier and more guttural sound of Toxic Holocaust. Honestly, there's no placing one one band or track above any other here. These are two bands who know how to thrash, and if they cut any corners here, they're the ones needed to trim the tracks into short violent assaults. It's clean and sharp, with edges that are sure to give you an infection.

The album is available in 12" format with cover art by legendary artist Andrei Bouzikov at the Tankcrimes webstore, or you can download it for free. Either way, it's an album you should have if you're itching for some serious circle-pit ready thrash punk; it's just up to you if you want the vinyl, or you're just happy with the tracks.

Track Listing:

Municipal Waste - "Trapped in the Sites"
Municipal Waste - "Mourning Sex"
Toxic Holocaust - "We Bring 'Em Hell"
Toxic Holocaust - "Altar-ed States"

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