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A Global Threat - Where The Sun Never Sets

Old School Hardcore in a Brand New Package

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A Global Threat - Where The Sun Never Sets

Where The Sun Never Sets

Boston's A Global Threat are back with Where the Sun Never Sets, and they're dishing it up hard and fast on this one.

Since 1997, A Global Threat has been delivering aggressive hardcore punk with a cynical yet well-informed message, underlined with a thick heavy guitar line that continues to get tighter with each album. This album may be their best yet; it's definitely their tightest.

Solid Guitars and Hardcore Lyrics

Every track on the album is very solid, tight and angry, and the band's style is a generous nod toward their influences. Fans of late-'80s hardcore will find that it's an album they'll enjoy while it's in their player.

The album has several high points. One such song is "Scalped By Pop", which is another hardcore song bemoaning major labels and their marketing of pop punk. It's a very typical theme for a hardcore band to write a song about, but A Global Threat's take on it delivers an acceptable amount of aggression, and will have you agreeing with them simply because they are so passionate about it.

The best tracks on the album, tracks like "One Way Street" and "Friendly Fire", are straight-up old school hardcore. It's great to listen to as loud as possible, and really makes you wish you were seeing it live, because it's more acceptable to pump your fist and shove the person next to you in a live environment. If you're listening to this on your headphones on the bus, you'll want to refrain from this behavior.

The Strength of the Album is Also Its Weakness

As a whole, the album is solid. The band is tight and full of energy. The album's weakest point is that it simply is what it is - a solid fast hardcore album. Because of that it's not overly memorable. I've been listening to Where the Sun Never Sets for a while, and I really like it and play it loud whenever it's in my CD player. As soon as it's off, though, it's forgotten a little quickly. It's a great listen, you just probably won't catch yourself humming these tunes in the shower.

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