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Clorox Girls - J'aime Les Filles

This Summer's Soundtrack

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Clorox Girls - J'aime Les Filles

J'aime Les Filles

BYO Records

Clorox Girls (who are all guys, just to clear that up) play great, fast bursts of California punk rock. Their style is definitely the sum of their influences, owing as much to the Beach Boys and Buddy Holly as it does to the Germs, and as the days get longer and warmer, J'aime Les Filles is quickly on its way to becoming my pick for this year's summer soundtrack.

Perfectly Pop, But Not Pop Punk

Musically, Clorox Girls seamlessly blend strong pop beats, surf riffs, and bubble-gummy harmonies that evoke thoughts of (while from the wrong coast) some of the Ramones' sweeter love songs as well as hints of Chuck Berry and Ritchie Valens.

The album is incredibly refreshing, avoiding too much crust, yet remaining cleanly punk. The lyrics are predominately sweet, but not sickeningly so, lending to an underlying innocence that would make the album a decent soundtrack for the latest "Back to The Beach" film. In the album's short duration (14 tracks that take place in under 28 minutes), Clorox Girls throw around lo-fi rocking tunes with harmonic vocals and touches of organs, that are equally at home on a sunny beach or in a smoky club.

In fact, this album is such a perfect package that it's hard to even call out the best tracks. If I were pressed, I'd go with the band's cover of Lio's "Le Banana Split", which has an addictive chorus despite being in French ("Banana Split" being apparently the same in English as well), but honestle, each one- to two-minute dose of goodness on the album is great on it's own, and the album doesn't lag behind once on its short journey.

When I caught these guys at the BYO Records Showcase at SXSW, I was blown away by their innocent clean sound, and their unabashed way of admitting their Sun-drenched influences, going so far as to launching into a raucous cover of "Wooly Bully" that did have the whole crowd in the tiny sweaty club dancing their asses off.

The search for a great little phrase to sum up J'aime Les Filles by Clorox Girls was short one, ending with "cuts through the clutter". That's what this record does, as the Girls have manged to create a record that almost perfectly does everything it aspires to be. BYO Records continues to blow me away with the offerings they have released so far this year.

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