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Die Hunns - You Rot Me

Nothing But Rock

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Die Hunns - You Rot Me

You Rot Me

Cover art courtesy of TPG Publicity

Take the distinctive voice of U.S. Bombs frontman/pro skater Duane Peters and team him up with the incomparable rock attitude of former Nashville Pussy bassist Corey Parks, and the result, You Rot Me from Die Hunns, is an album that is composed of pure rock.

The Perfect Mix

These two make a stellar combination sharing vocal duties on You Rot Me blending punk rock with elements of '60s and '70s rock and glam. It's basic but not boring, and smooth without losing its edge.

The album opens up with "Mad Society" with big booming guitars that recall the Stooges or New York Dolls and keeps piling it up. "Jorge'" hits you with some more big Stooges-style riffs and a solid vocal hook on the chorus from Parks. On its own, the sound of these first two songs would be enough to fill an album with some solid rock and roll. But Die Hunns are nowhere near being finished.

To this sound, add the trudging dirty rock of the title track and the fast skate punk of "47th Street". Then to that, add the noisy riffs combined with melodic vocals of "Don't Want To Hear It" and "Rock N Roll Boulevard". And, then if this wasn't enough, pile on the sound of tracks like the stripped down garage rocker "Die For Me", and garnish with "Ain't It A Shame", a song that shows the band isn't afraid of a good hook with a real classic sound.

Despite it's range, the album flows pretty seamlessly. There isn't even a single track that jars you out of the groove you'll settle into while playing this record. Instead, each of these various veins of music intertwine to create an album that is highly deserving of its "rock" designation. No matter your tastes, if you consider yourself a fan of any music that "rocks", you're going to want to own this one.

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