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New Tomorrow - 'We're Counting On The Youth'

Old School Hardcore is Making a Comeback

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New Tomorrow

We're Counting On The Youth

Skeleton Crew Records

If Frank Iero didn’t already run Skeleton Crew Records, he’d be exactly who I’d pick to run my record label. The guitarist for My Chemical Romance/frontman for Leathermouth shows impeccable taste with the signing of New Tomorrow, a hardcore band with fast songs and long song titles. So much so, in fact, that I’m pegging We’re Counting On The Youth as the best album I’ve yet to hear this year.

At first glance, you might be a little intimidated by the song titles. An album that opens up with a song title like “The Media Is The Perfect Murder To The Model American” – when it’s by no means out of the ordinary for song titles, or even the longest title, on the album - it lets you know you’re in for some music by someone who’s seriously passionate about their subject material, and worries that you’re in for an album that could be a bit preachy or pretentious may not necessarily be unfounded.

In the case of New Tomorrow though, the band is just as passionate about their sound as they are about their subject matter, and their sound is some serious old school melodic hardcore. On tracks like “The Royal Salute Tastes Like A Smack In The Face” and “Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe,” blasting drumbeats and buzz saw guitars evoke old school influences like Circle Jerks, Black Flag and Bad Religion, while at the same time displaying the political passion of Anti-Flag or Rage Against The Machine.

And on songs like “Hang Them High, So They Can’t Walk Away” and “Does Anyone Have Directions To The Where-House Tonight,” where New Tomorrow deigns to slow it down and get anthemic (which is a relative term, as slowed-down New Tomorrow isn't very slow), they take on serious fast melodic hardcore that sounds like a heavily revved-up Less Than Jake anthem.

Despite the band’s heavy stance, they know enough about what makes a good song to know that they can get their message across in lyrics as dense as they like, so long as they wrap them around fist pumping choruses and whirlwind riffs that are truly best experienced from the moshpit, as on the album’s hardcore peak “There’s A Rumble Behind Admiral Twin Drive-In, 10 O’Clock.”

If you’re a fan true old school hardcore, I can’t recommend We’re Counting On The Youth enough. It’s powerful and passionate, yet it leaves plenty of room for the music to be fun. These guys are sure to come out strong in the forefront of the new faces of hardcore punk.

Release date: June 9, 2009

Essential Tracks:
“The Royal Salute Tastes Like A Smack In The Face” (Listen/Download)
“There’s A Rumble Behind Admiral Twin Drive-In, 10 O’Clock” (Listen/Download)
“Does Anyone Have Directions To The Where-House Tonight?” (Listen/Download)

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