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New Found Glory - 'Not Without A Fight'

A Return to Pop Punk Perfection

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New Found Glory - 'Not Without A Fight'

Not Without A Fight


With three gold records and a host a memorable songs, the guys in New Found Glory are taking their fight to a new arena with Not Without A Fight, their 6th studio album and their debut on Epitaph Records.

After fulfilling their obligations to Geffen Records, the band opted to record Not Without A Fight on their own before choosing a label. As a result this record, which was produced by Mark Hoppus (+44, Blink-182) for free under the promise of getting paid later, is clearly the record that New Found Glory wanted to make.

And what they wanted to make was a pure pop punk record, that bounces between chunky punk riffs and addictive pop hooks, with sing-along choruses and a big sound. It's absolutely nothing new or innovative, but what it lacks in that area, it more than makes up for it in pure passion, clean production and perfectly written pop punk songs.

The record opens with “Right Where We Left Off” (Listen/Download), with choppy guitars and emotional choruses, marking a return to form for the band that truly is picking up right where they left off.

From there, it’s tough to pick standout tracks on this record, but simply grabbing some great songs is easy. "Don't Let Her Pull You Down" is pop punk perfection, with big guitar spins, a sing-along chorus and heartfelt lyrics (Listen/Download), as is ”I’ll Never Love Again” (Listen/Download), which blends fast guitar with big thrashy chops and the ever-present sing-along hook.

Honestly, most of the songs are formulaic in that way, but when the formula is this good, sometimes it’s best not to tinker with it. It works, so don’t question it, and the songs manage to fit the formula without ever getting monotonous, another fine line the band has learned to walk along over the years.

Not Without A Fight is devoid of any guest appearances, covers or bells or whistles of any kind; it’s a straight-up representation of who New Found Glory has become, marking a return to classic pop punk, and it’s a glimpse of where they’re headed. Fans of their older work will be pleased; and the band’s perfection of the pop punk sound has them ready to recruit a whole new generation of fans.

Release Date - March 10, 2009

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