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Valient Thorr - Legend Of The World

The Heavy-Hitting Sounds Of Venus

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Valient Thorr - Legend Of The World

Legend Of The World

Cover Art courtesy of Volcom Entertainment

According to the band's official bio, the members of Valient Thorr hail from Burlatia, Venus. I have heard rumors that this may be a falsehood; that they may, in fact, be from North Carolina. I find that I'm more inclined to believe the Venus story, because, while Southern rock may come out of the Carolinas, only someone from another planet could have come up with this blend of Skynyrd meets Thin Lizzy by way of the MC5 and a liberal dose of punk rock.

On Legend Of The World, these hard-rocking aliens, lead by leader Thorr Himself, deliver fast, slightly twangy rock sprinkled liberally with gratuitous guitar solos. It could be very cheezy, if they weren't so serious about what they do. And what they do is rock.

Despite their other-wordly backgrounds, or perhaps because of it, they seem quite qualified to deliver political advice to the U.S. government, which they do on "Exit Strategy", a political protest song that could have only come from Earth if Jim Morrison had collaborated with Metallica, and on "Goveruptcy", another riff-heavy rocker that takes a heavy swing at the government here, as well as the people who blindly follow it: "There's people that live on Earth, they believe everything they read. This government promises justice, this government delivers greed." Elsewhere on the album, they simply sing to rock our world, as on the heavily Thin Lizzy-influenced "Rezerection".

The influences are so varied on this album, that one has to be amazed at how well radio waves are hitting Venus, or how well they are monitoring us. Either way, fans of Sabbath, Skynyrd and Nashville Pussy alike will dig on the solid southern sounds of Valient Thorr.

A final bit of science - Venus has only 88 percent of the gravity of Earth; that means that someone on Venus can rock that much harder with that much less effort. This must be the secret behind Valient Thorr and the sheer amount of rock they bring to us.

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