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The Bands Scheduled to Play the Full Vans Warped Tour

No matter which date you catch, you can catch these bands


The Bands Scheduled to Play the Full Vans Warped Tour

With so many bands assembled for this year’s Warped Tour, but not all of them scheduled to appear at every date, it gets tough to figure out who’s going to playing on your specific city.

The bands listed below are currently scheduled to appear on the entire 2010 Vans Warped Tour, so this is a good place to start figuring out exactly who to look forward to (Bands scheduled for portions of the tour are listed here, along with the dates they'll be appearing):

After Midnight Project (Los Angeles, CA) – Fronted by Jason Evigan, the son of actor Greg Evigan, this rock band has performing in its blood. As a result, they are known for their energetic live sets that connect with the crowd. (Official Site)

Alesana (Raleigh, NC) – This screamo band is no newcomer to the Warped Tour, so if you’ve attended before, you know what you’re in for. If you’ve not heard them before, expect metal riffs and vocals roughly harmonized with screaming. Lots of screaming. If screaming is your thing, these guys are on the top of their game. (MySpace Site)

Alkaline Trio (Chicago, IL) – A band known for smart songwriting and a great sound in their early days, before blatant pandering left them a shell of their former awesome selves. Their latest release on Epitaph Records, This Addiction shows a band beginning to reclaim their former glory. (Official Site)

AM Taxi (Chicago, IL) – If the Gaslight Anthem are punk rock's take on Springsteen, then Chicago’s AM Taxi are punk rock's take on Gaslight Anthem. Mixing great songwriting with elements of old-school punk with influences like Clash-fueled reggae, world beat and pure pop, this is a band poised to be one of the most exciting, innovative bands on the tour. (MySpace Site)

Anarbor (Phoenix, AZ) – This pop rock band has attained more success than many realize. Despite a relatively low profile, their music has appeared on multiple TV and movie scores, and is a regular part of ESPN’s Sports Center. They did a few dates on the Warped Tour last year, and a longer runs this year might symbolize that now that the band is successful, they’re pushing to be famous as well. (Official Site)

Andrew W.K. (New York, NY) – A classically trained musician, Andrew W.K. may not have invented the “party hard” punk rock sound but he certainly perfected it. Although recent years have seen him doing TV and producing records, I’m hoping his return to the stage of Warped will be similar to his last time on its mainstage, which was a supersoaker-fueled rager of positive energy. This guy comes to party, and doesn’t leave until everyone is partied out. (Official Site)

Artist Vs Poet – (Dallas, TX) This powerpop band has grabbed the attention of both Fearless Records and the Warped Tour based on their solid songwriting and DIY attitude. The product of the dissolution of a few other bands, Artist Vs Poet wield catchy beats and infectious melodies on their four-song EP, with a full-length due this spring. (MySpace Site)

Attack Attack (Columbus, OH) – One can’t help but be intrigues by this band from Ohio, which will deliver heavy metal riffs and grotesquely screamed vocals at one moment, and electronic danceability the second. Live, I’m thinking it will either be impressive, or impressively hilarious. (MySpace Site)

Automatic Loveletter (Tampa, FL) – Fronted by Juliet Sims (who has lent vocals to songs by Cartel, Secondhand Serenade and All Time Low), this heavily acoustic combo will bring a soothing influence to whatever stage they’re on. (MySpace Site)

Breathe Carolina (Denver, CO) – Another band playing the odd combo of screamo and electronic, these kids from Colorado mix layered dance music with the occasional power scream. The full package is pure electrofun, and upbeat even when the lyrics are about boys with broken hearts. (MySpace Site)

Breathe Electric (Lake County, IL) – This electropop outfit is just Grant Harris in the studio, but expands to a three-piece when he takes it on the road. Drawing influence from pop, electronica, hip hop, and indie rock, Breathe Electric is often compared to bands like Hellogoodbye and PlayRadioPlay. (MySpace Site)

Bring Me The Horizon (Sheffield, England) – This British band fuses death metal and hardcore into a conglomeration that’s been referred to as deathcore. Whatever you want to call it, it’s intense and heavy, grabbing this band accolades and nominations as both the best and worst band in the UK. (MySpace Site)

The Cab (Las Vegas, NV) – Made up of four kids barely out of high school, this powerpop group that boasts an impressive list of associated acts. They’ve toured with bands like Panic! at the Disco, Cobra Starship and Forever the Sickest Kids and recorded with members of Panic! and Fall Out Boy - odds are, you’re in for a slick set from a band poised to blow up. (Official Site)

The Casualties (New York City, NY) – A solid presence on the punk scene for over a decade and an unapologetic adherence to the principles of old school street punk makes the Casualties one of the best – and the punkest – picks for this years Warped Tour. Their set will be fast, loud and memorable. (MySpace Site)

Closure in Moscow (Melbourne, Australia) – A prog/psychedelic group from Down Under, Closure in Moscow has been heavily compared to other posthardcore prog bands like Coheed & Cambria and Saosin. Allusions to forefathers like King Crimson are not off base, either, as they pick up the old sounds and make them their own - without screaming, a plus in my book. (MySpace Site)

Confide (Los Angeles, California) – This Christian post-hardcore band started as a deathcore band in 2004, but multiple lineup changes have left the band with only one original member and a slant that’s decidedly more screamo. If you catch their set, listen for their cover of the Postal’ Service’s "Such Great Heights,” which while much heavier than the original obviously, begs the question of whether it really needed to be done. (MySpace Site)

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