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Bands That Are Only Booked For Part of The Tour... And the Dates They're Playing


Bands That Are Only Booked For Part of The Tour... And the Dates They're Playing
Updated September 21, 2011
More and more bands keep getting added to the Warped Tour, with many of them just dropping in for a week or so, or even just a day. As bands get added to parts of the tour, we'll be compiling them here, as well as with the dates they'll be playing. (Click here for the list of bands that will be playing the Entire 2010 Vans Warped Tour)

The following bands are scheduled to appear on select dates of the 2010 Vans Warped Tour:

7 Seconds (Reno, NV) – Formed in 1980 by two sets of brothers, this band has pioneered hardcore (they are even credited with coining the term) and have had an inarguable influence on most hardcore that would follow. With two of the original brothers in the lineup (including frontman Kevin Seconds who also helms multiple side projects), those who attend this band’s few dates should make them a “must see.” (MySpace Site) - Appearing 8/11-15

The Adolescents (Fullerton, CA) – A skate punk band from the early ‘80s SoCal punk scene, The Adolescents have boasted a lineup that have played in some of the biggest punk bands in North America, ranging from Social Distortion and TSOL to DI, Agent Orange and Christian Death. Even so, many feel that this band’s snot-nosed punk rock on classics like “Amoeba” are one of punk rock’s biggest achievements to date. (Official Site) - Appearing 6/24-27

Agent Orange (Orange County, CA) – Formed in 1979, this power trio is one of the first bands to combine surf music with punk rock. They were heavy influence on the music of the skate punk scene, and 30 years later, their sound is still timeless. (Official Site) - Appearing 8/11-15

Anti-Flag (Pittsburgh, PA) – Fiercely political, Anti-Flag takes a solid stance against war and capitalism, and addresses issues like American foreign policy and racism. Even so, they’re always ready to rock, and not afraid of doing a high kick now and then. (MySpace Site) Appearing 8/5-15

The All-American Rejects (Stillwater, OK) – 2010 is going to be a big year for these guys, already one of the most commercially successful bands on the Tour. With performances set for the Winter Olympics and at Super Bowl XLIV, their run on this year’s Warped Tour may be your last chance to catch them on a small(er) stage before they become a band that only plays (and sells out) stadiums. (Official Site) - Appearing 6/24-7/18

Angry Samoans (Los Angeles, CA) – Despite multiple lineup changes since their formation in 1978, this band from the first wave of American punk continues to keep it together. Now fronted by Metal Mike Saunders (the guy credited with coining the term “heavy metal” in 1970) they have bounced from hardcore to garage punk, and maintained an influential hold on both. (Official Site) - Appearing 6/24-27

Assorted Jelly Beans (Riverside, CA) – This ska punk three-piece (yep, ska minus horns) made a fast name for themselves when their successful 1996 debut was the first release on Kung Fu Records. Three years later, the band was no more. It’s taken a decade for them to reform, and now the band is once again bringing its manic sound on tour worldwide. (MySpace Site) Appearing 8/11-15

The B Foundation (Arcadia, CA) – A sound associated best with Sublime and Pepper, The B Foundation plays the reggae-infused punk sound that began much earlier with bands like the Clash. The B Foundation's good vibes will have the crowd grooving, rather than rocking. (MySpace Site) Appearing 8/11-15

The Bots (Los Angeles, CA) – A two-piece formed by the Lei brothers (16-year-old Mikaiah and 13-year-old Anaiah), born to a Chinese father and an Afro-Caribbean mother, The Bots are an interesting band to say the least. Self-taught musicians of inescapable talent, the brothers Lei employ a sound that is pure punk rock with elements of raw garage (and, unlike other more famous two-pieces, have a drummer that can actually play). Personally, I’d have no problem with this being the sound of punk’s next generation. (MySpace Site) Appearing 8/11-15

Bouncing Souls (New Brunswick, NJ) – These Warped Tour vets celebrated 20 years as a band on the tour last year, again with what was one of the best sets of the Warped Tour. They're back again, showing the younger kids how it's really done. (MySpace Site) Appearing - 6/26-7/11

Brass Tackz (British Columbia) – While this year’s Warped Tour is quite light on hip hop acts, Canada’s Brass Tackz have become a YouTube sensation due to the tight, dark gritty rhymes of hip-hop misfits Young Sin, Snak the Ripper and Evil Ebineezer. (MySpace Site) Appearing - 7/9-10

Burning Empires (Milwaukee, WI) – The latest project of (now former) Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley (who is also the owner of the band’s label, Fuck City), Burning Empires is as far removed from FOB as possible, and believe you me, it’s a good thing. Burning Empires play unabashed hardcore, the way it was meant to be, without a shred of emo melodrama. (MySpace Site) Appearing 8/7-15

Call The Cops (Long Beach, CA) – These California electro-pop rockers might be one of the big breakouts from this year’s Warped Tour. Drawing comparisons to Paramore and All Time Low, they’ve already grabbed a contract with MySpace Records, and their poppy, addictive dance beats are helping them grab a following both from the Warped Tour Crowd and the pop-listening populace. (MySpace Site) Appearing - 6/24-7/18

Cerebral Ballzy (Brooklyn, NY) - A multi-cultural crew hellbent on reviving '80s skate-influenced hardcore, some are touting Cerebral Ballzy as the successors to Bad Brains. This may be a bit of an exageration, but they sure are a ton of fun. (MySpace Site) Appearing - 7/18-7/21

The Chase (Seneca, SC) – An interesting addition to the tour, this SC band has forged a sound out of big rock influences like Pearl Jam and The Black Crowes. It’s a more mature sound than that played by many of their tourmates, but whether that will make them a refreshing break or a sore thumb on the tour remains to be seen. (MySpace Site) Appearing 7/22-26

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