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Valient Thorr


Valient Thorr

Valient Thorr

Photo © Nicole Lucas


2001 Chapel Hill, NC


Valient Himself : Vocals
Sadat Thorr : Guitar
Eidan Thorr : Guitar
Dr. Professor Nitewolf Strangees : Bass
Lucian Thorr : Drums

A Message of Rock and Roll Redemption:

The origins of Valient Thorr are somewhat shrouded in mystery. While their current hometown is listed as Chapel Hill, NC, the band originally claims the city of Burlatia, in the center of the planet Venus, as their home. Fleeing a planet that was plagued by war and over-population, the band set sail for a more hospitable world at the dawn of the 21st century in order to find a more comfortable home and to prevent Earth from making the same mistakes that their place of birth had made.

Preaching a message of rock and roll redemption, the band delivers a revolutionary blend of southern-fried punk and metal with a gospel-influenced vibe, spreading their message of positivity in sweat-fueled hammer fests of in-your-face rock and roll.

At the front of it all is legendary and charismatic frontman, Valient Himself, a bearded master of the spoken word. With political and allegorical metallic sermons, he brings a message that everything can be all right, as long as everyone comes together and takes a stand. With a charisma that's addictive and influential, he could have become a cult leader or even the off-world conqueror who took over Earth and crafted it to his own ideal. Fortunately, he's on our side, and he wants to see the people of Earth emerge victorious, intact and ready to party.

In 2008, Valient Himself became an unlikely poster boy for organ donation after the constantly touring band took a few months off so that he could donate a kidney to his father. Within a few months, the band was back on the road. Taking what would normally be a private event contained within a family, Himself instead shared the experience openly, channeling his rock and roll message to a cause that had quickly become dear to him. Just prior to the surgery, he issued this statement:

If I can go from a hospital bed to playing in front of a crowd of 75,000 at the UK’s Download Festival in just eight weeks, people out there might consider becoming organ donors as well. If they have family members who need a kidney, it's definitely something to think about; and if not, they can still learn about designating themselves as organ donors on their driver's license.

Over the years, the band has continued to tour incessantly, with their message, passion, and live intensity landing them opening slots with legendary punk and metal acts including Corrosion of Conformity, Motorhead, Mastadon and the Misfits (and SXSW 2007 saw Wayne Kramer of the MC5 climb onstage with them, which is still one of my favorite musical memories), and placed them alongside other bands known for their over the top live shows, including Gogol Bordello and the Riverboat Gamblers.

Just as impressive as the members of Valient Thorr are the Thorriers, their legions of avid fans. Sporting colors from their local chapters (full disclosure: I'm a proud member of the Great Lakes Chapter, despite events having taken me to Europe), the Thorriers provide an animated audience, as well as a further means to spread the word of Valient Himself.

As they continue to spread their message around the world, this band may be the one thing that save us all, provided we're ready to listen and even more ready to party. In the immortal words of Valient Himself, "Do you know what I'm talking about?"

Selected Discography

Total Universe Man - Volcom Entertainment, 2005 (Compare Prices)
Legend of the World - Volcom Entertainment, 2006 (Compare Prices)
Immortalizer - Volcom Entertainment, 2008 (Compare Prices)
In Heat (DVD) - Volcom Entertainment, 2008 (Compare Prices)
Stranger - Volcom Entertainment, 2010 (Compare Prices)

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