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Rockabilly's Utica

Share Your Story: Your Favorite Punk Rock Record Stores

By johnny roastbeef

Record store name, address and city

Rockabilly's in Utica, MI. This store has had it's share of turmoil throughout this shitty economic downturn. The store was slated to close at one point and even had an ad in the local rag declaring "The dream is over". Despite all the turmoil, the store has managed to keep the lights on and keep the dream alive. Their inventory is nowhere near what it was in the glory days, but one can still find enough good shit to not walk out empty handed.

What are your biggest scores there?

Scored a weathered Ramones T shirt for under $8.00 and a Sparta T for less than $3. Also scored the New Black Pacific cd for under $8.00 and Bad Religion's Dissent of Man. Their Indie section is Indie. Not some division of a major trying to be something they're not. They also consign local music from real musicians as opposed to some Disney kid trying to diversify their portfolio.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can buy almost anything from some big retailer or on line from a stranger, but the experience of buying music from a true record store can not be emulated. Your purchase makes a difference. You're keeping the dream alive for the store and for the music scene as well. Support indie record stores and local bands.

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