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Readers Respond: Who would you like to see on the 2010 Vans Warped Tour?

Responses: 1497


2010 lineup

alesana,bring me the horizon,atreyu, a7x,escape the date, bless the fall, all time low, brokencyde, owl city, nevershoutnever!,the used, the starting line, all that remains, a skylit drive,mayday parade, cobra starship, devil wears parda, august burns red. oh and lots more
—Guest Valeria

A Skylit Drive and Underoath

They are the only two bands i would love to see there. And care about.
—Guest adrianna

kick butt line-up

UNDEROATH AND I SEE STARS!!!, Hit the Lights, ATL, Devil wears prada, Scary kids scaring kids, As blood runs black, Escape the fate, The Audition, Senses Fail, Sorry but not chiodos without Craig Owens :( Panic!, Saosin, Silverstein, Paramore, Bullet for my valentine, Emery, Mayday Parade, Killswitch Engage.... I could keep going but those would be my favorites :)
—Guest Emo kid Roger


I Better see thrice there. with MISS MAY I!! impending emmure adtr august burns red, Bmth, city and colour, underoath, arsonists, oh, sleeper, alesana, emery, eyes set to kill, chiodos. NOT A SKYLIT DRIVE!!! the martyr, COHEED, stick to ur guns, and haste the day... BUT THRICE should definately be there... Cause if there not id be pissed... call me to talk about music 817 306 0344
—Guest lena


LOVEOUTLOUD, paramore, secretandwhisper, escape the fate, august burns red, House of Heroes
—Guest jordan


all time low,the devil wears prada,a day to remember,simple plan, i set my friends on fire
—Guest antoine123


all time low,the devil wears prada,a day to remember,simple plan, i set my friends on fire
—Guest antoine123

warped 2010 lineup

family force 5 (!!!), madina lake (they were the best show!), get scared (look em up if you don't know em), innerpartysystem, there for tomorrow, ice nine kills, alesana, cash cash, a moment's worth, 3oh!3, we the kings
—Guest AJ


there has not been a lineup good since 2003. I would love to see the Rancid punx back at it. Less than Jake are always cool. Left Alone, Orange, Time Again, The Unseen, Nofx always get the job done. DkM, Reel Big Fish, throw in some Vandals for good luck. Bowling for Soup, and Bouncing Souls. Just for starters that would be cool
—Guest Bryan Walling

warped 2010

escape the fate, owl city, RED, amber pacific, the devil wears prada, drop dead gorgeous, red jumpsuit apparatus, silverstein... =D
—Guest Jessi

who NEEDS to be at warped tour

all time low, bring me the horizonthe devil wears prada, millionaries STEPHEN JERZAK, nevershoutnever BREATHE CAROLINA!!!

My Picks Warped Tour 2010!!

BMTH,Haste The Day,Blink 182,Silverstien,MGMT,August Burns Red,Beneath The Sky,Parkway Drive,Enter Shikari,ISMFOF,As Blood Runs Black,Asking Alexandria,TDWP....just some of my fav....lets hear Chiodos without Craig Owens lol
—Guest Justin

perfect lineup .

THE FRIDAY NIGHT BOYS. HELLL YEAAAAAAAHHHH. and the script, my favourite highway, breaching vista, 3oh3, the maine, we the kings, TFT, the summer obsession, all time low, the ready set, the white tie affair, DOWN WITH WEBSTER, panic at the disco, blink 182, owl city, lights, S4C, mayday parade, cobra starship, boys like girls, stereos, a rocket to the mooon, brokencyde. juuuust sayinnn ..
—Guest tashaaa


ALICE INNNNNN CHAINSSSSSS it would be the best warped tour ever. alice in chains are a good band chill
—Guest jocey

yea dude

panic! NFG blink182 3oh!3 underoath abr mxpx sensesfail bayside thewhitetieaffair alkalinetrio KSE and what happened to bowling for soup or yellowcard?!
—Guest josh

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Who would you like to see on the 2010 Vans Warped Tour?

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