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SXSW 2014


A recap of the musical madness in Austin...

In other news...
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SXSW 2014: A Musical Recap

Thursday April 17, 2014

Back To BackWhile SXSW 2014 may have been marred by some tragic events, it also remains a wondrous event loaded with more incredible music than you could shake a really big stick at. From new faces like the Strypes and Back To Back to legendary names like King Buzzo and the Cynics, 2014 will be another festival for the books.

Here are some of our musical highlights.

Warped Tour 2014 Update: Emilie Autumn and BoyMeetsWorld

Thursday April 17, 2014

Emilie AutumnEven though the lineup for the 2014 Vans Warped Tour is all fleshed out, there will still be plenty of late additions and changes as it draws closer to its June 13 Kickoff.

Those of you who'll be catching the tour from June 18-22 will have the chance to take in Emilie Autumn's Asylum Experience. The musician, author, artist and actress, who has made three studio albums and a pair of instrumental albums as well as collaborating with a ton of musicians from Die Warzau to Hole will be creating an interactive environment featuring live music, burlesque performances, circus sideshow attractions, and theatre, all based on her alternate reality known as "The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls" (which also happens to be the name of her 2010 novel.

It sounds like a pretty sweet opportunity for those dates, and will hopefully serve as the basis of a full headlining tour.


In addition, in the realm of the "paying your dues" department, Cincinnati alt-rockers BoyMeetsWorld have announced that they've been named the catering band for the 2014 tour. In exchange for busting their humps day in and day out, slinging food for everyone else on the tour, they'll have the opportunity to play some dates. It's sort of like a step below the barbecue band, and a clear sign that a band understands that making it takes work. Check them out on their Facebook page.

We're keeping track of all the official and rumored names on the 2014 Vans Warped Tour Lineup here.

Punks and Caddies...

Thursday April 10, 2014

Travis-Barker-UMG.jpgPunk has always been anti-establishment and anti-corporate. But that doesn't mean that punks aren't consumers. And in the course of becoming a consumer, one tends to develop brand loyalty. Lots of punks have an affinity for snacks, beverages, beers and even cars?

So what's punk's car?

What about the Cadillac?

Cadillacs have their share of allusions in punk music and culture.

Take a look at some prominent Cadillac moments in punk rock.

RIP: Dave Gregg of D.O.A. and The Real Mackenzies

Tuesday April 1, 2014

Dave GreggIt's been reported that Dave Gregg, the guitarist from seminal punk band D.O.A. has passed away from a heart attack on March 30. He was 54.

Gregg played in D.O.A. from 1980-1988, contributing to many influential records, including Hardcore '81, the record credited with giving the genre its name. He also played with the Real McKenzies from 2005-2011.

The man's legacy has had an immeasurable influence on punk rock,

D.O.A. frontman Joe Keithley has made his own tribute to the man on the Sudden Death Records site.

We'd like to offer our condolences to his friends, family and bandmates.

Photo courtesy of Imamon, released under Creative Commons 2.0

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