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SXSW 2014


A recap of the musical madness in Austin...

In other news...
Punk Music Spotlight10

An Interview with Derek Zanetti (The Homeless Gospel Choir)

Derek Zanetti of The Homeless Gospel Choir weighs in on the connections between punk rock and classic protest music.

The Homeless Gospel Choir - I Used To Be So Young

The Homeless Gospel Choir (Derek Zanetti) is a band/music project that doesn’t shy away from the sound of protest folk, breathing fresh life into it.

Deal's Gone Bad - Heartbreaks & Shadows

On Heartbreaks & Shadows, Deal's Gone Bad continues with the classic mix of ska, rocksteady, skinhead reggae and soul of their last record. So why don't I love it?

Lucero: Live From Atlanta

A massive undertaking, Lucero: Live From Atlanta clocks in at over two hours, and owns every minute of it.

Disgust - Fifteen Years Of Pent Up Bullshit

Detroit's hardcore veterans Disgust are back with Fifteen Years Of Pent Up Bullshit, a record that delivers a classic sound with renewed energy.

Danzig vs. Only - The battle over merch money

It's one of punk's more memorable emblems, covering everything from shirts to bikinis to lunch boxes. It's the Misfits Skull. And Glenn Danzig wants a

Glenn Danzig Sues Jerry Only over Lucrative Merch Deal

Gelnn Danzig is suing Jerry Only over his share of merchandising, Only says its sour grapes.

The Punk Rock Las Vegas Survival Guide

Grim Frontman Bob Oedy has The Punk Rock Las Vegas Survival Guide, a guide for navigating the Punk Rock Bowling Festival as well as Vegas in general.

Review: The Punk Rock Las Vegas Survival Guide

Headed to Las Vegas for the Punk Bowling Fest, or any other time for that matter? Grim frontman Bob Oedy has compiled a useful guide. Read the full review.

What should you take to Warped Tour?

Getting ready for your first Warped Tour and wondering what to take? Check out our guide of Warped Tour essentials!

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