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Punk On The Web

A listing of links to punk music blogs elsewhere on the Internet.

Punk MP3 Blog Sites
It's a one-stop shop for you to get to all of your favorite punk blogs, and get some free punk MP3s See submissions

Your Favorite Punk Rock Love Song
Share your favorite punk rock love song.

10 Great Punk Rock Love Songs... With Links to Video Goodness
Whether it's for Valentine's Day, or for any other time of the year, you may find yourself wanting to put together a mix disc or playlist of those perfect punk rock songs. We've taken the work out of it for you, compiling ten of our favorite punk rock songs, both old and new, with links for a fast download (and even links to some great video...

Your Favorite Punk Rock Holiday Tunes
Share your favorite punk rock holiday songs.

Classic Punk Rock Video Clips on YouTube
YouTube is a great place for classic music videos (and of course videos of kittens), but it has also really come into its own as being a place for classic moments of punk history, as amateur archivists have tirelessly compiled classic (and not so classic) appearances of punk rock in pop culture over the years. Here are some of favorites (as well...

A List of Punk Bands on Twitter
If you use Twitter to follow your favorite punk bands, here's a resource to help you find even more punk bands on Twitter. And if you're not using Twitter to follow bands, this is a great list of punk bands on Twitter to get you started.

A collection of rare punk MP3s that has been growing since 2005, 7inchpunk offers out-of-prints MP3s from both obscure and big-name punk bands.

Killed By Death Records
While the site bears no relationship to the classic 'Killed By Death' compilations, the idea is the same. Killed By Death Records compiles rare and out-of-print punk records and offers them up for downloads. With 140 pages of posts to wade through, you're going to lose hours collecting playlists for mix discs and MP3 players.

Ozark Punk Rock
Downloads of punk music (and a documentary) from a lesser known scene.

Oxide Flake
A collection of live punk, hardcore and thrash recordings from the '80s.

This Are Music
A Detroit-based music blog, featuring news and reviews from the music world.

Something I Learned Today
Named after the old Husker Du song, Something I Learned Today is a great punk rock MP3 blog, focusing on '70s and '80s punk and hardcore.

3hive is a regularly updated collection of artist-approved mp3 offerings. The music spans all genres, but their punk archives are especially nice.

dressed for the h bomb
While it's now longer being updated, this blog is still a great source for MP3s of old punk and hardcore bands.

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