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Sound and Fury - 'Sound And Fury'

Pretentious Punks Need Not Apply

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Sound and Fury - 'Sound And Fury'

Sound And Fury

Rebel Youth Records

Every so often, a record comes along that changes the face of music, politics and/or culture.

The self-titled debut from Toronto's Sound and Fury is absolutely not such an album.

That does absolutely nothing to detract what this album is though, Sound and Fury is a killer collection of power chords and punk rock riffs combined to create what may be the best party punk album so far this year.

There's no substance to the lyrics, but the sheer force and style of Sound and Fury is all they need, as they weave back and forth from a wide range of influences that all were at the top of their game.

The band seems to like to tease with other power rock titles. The album opens with "School's Out" (Listen/Download), which doesn't lift from Alice Cooper, but is rather a blistering blast of power chords that owes as much to the Misfits as it does to AC/DC, and then continues to slam every influential band from the era into a blender, pureeing them into a bloody, chunky beer-soaked milkshake.

"18" (Listen/Download), which could seem like another Alice Cooper lift, is actually more like the Ramones meets the band's biggest influence, the aforementioned AC/DC, and "Runaway Love" (Listen/Download) is another Ramones-influenced tune that pays homage to Joan Jett's Runaways' "Cherry Bomb," but then takes the reference and splits off into their own fun vein.

"Supercharged" (Listen/Download) is another standout track, with liberal doses Motorhead and maybe even a little bit of the Circle Jerks at the same time, but probably the mostest bestest track is "Teenage Rampage" (Listen/Download), with heavy elements of The Stooges and a perfect pop punk chorus work that intermixes with incredible fist-pumping punk rock and those dangerously addictive guitar licks.

The band are truly masters of what they do, and the glue that ties them all together is vocalist Luke Metcalf, who exhibits a vocal range that allows him to hop back and forth between low Iggy-inspired singing to booming metal god vocals at the drop of a studded leather wristband. The best example of this is where Sound and Fury wrap things up, on the five-minute rocker "Hellhound" (Listen/Download).

Essentially, with Sound and Fury you're being handed what should be the latest and greatest party rock album to hit rotation on your stereo. If you loved Towers of London, Wednesday Night Heroes and Andrew WK, realize that Motorhead were the masters of their craft and you're not ashamed to admit that AC/DC made some really good music, this is the perfect record for loud late nights and good times this summer.

Release date: June 24, 2008

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