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Readers Respond: Your definition of what is punk rock (and what isn't)

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From the article: The Subgenres of Punk Rock
It's an oft-debated issue, because it's a good one. What is punk? What isn't punk? How do you personally define that word, and how has it affected your life and made you the person you are? Let's all weigh in! Have your say!

What Is Punk?

Punk is you. Punk is the anger, love and passion built up inside of you and expressed through your actions, words, clothes, etc. Its about fighting for your values and beliefs, being an individual, and most of all BREAKING THE STATUS QUO! There really aren't guidelines for punk because that's what punk isn't. If there were guidelines, you would be just like these other mother fuckers following trends. For me, punk is about expressing myself freely and whoever doesn't like it can fuck off. That way you can find real people who are into real shit. Punk isn't about burning anarchy signs in teachers yards (although if that's what you truly want to do, fucking do it.) its not about dressing in ripped and studded clothes (unless that's what you're into). Its just about being you, being me. I always tell people that they don't choose punk, punk chooses you. Free yourself from the unwritten rules of society! You don't have to go to shows to be a punk. If you don't like loud music, do whatever
—Guest Anna

punk..oh yea!

from mouth of Billie Joe... "A guy walks up to me and asks 'What's Punk?'. So I kick over a garbage can and say 'That's punk!'. So he kicks over the garbage can and says 'That's Punk?', and I say 'No that's trendy!" :) ;)
—Guest abir

Who is punk? What punk is not?

One response I read here just about nailed it. Art? I see how some could define punk that way, but as said above my response,punk rock is uniquely personal and your personality, values, and beliefs you reflect will define you as punk through how you live your life consistly day to day. No two punx are completely the same. The truth is that the majority of people that claim punk are really just leaches attaching themselves to any cultural foundation tryin to stay afloat in a world that is sociably demanding. These types of people reflect what punk is not and go against everything punk stands for. It's a lifestyle not a trendy bandwagon or a fashion statement. So, think your passionately punk to your inner core? Answer one question honestly about yourself. If you began claiming punk after discovering catchy punk rock music and defining the new you with flashy punk wear looking only for attention..Punk is what you are NOT! But how you carry yourself and reflect punk on society THAT'S PUN
—Guest Punkbydefault

what, where, when, how and with who?

Ive been searching for that channel for a month now since we bought a new car that came with Sirius and found it to be a great disappointment that it had changed its format. It was great to have a channel on Sirius that played classic punk rock and not the new bullshit the kids call punk now. Maybe if we all petition Sirius to change Fungus back to its original rooted classic punk then our voices will be heard. Massacre
—Guest DisasterPunx77

Missing a few, arn't ya?

Such as: Classic American Punk Rock: Dead Boys, Stooges, Ramones. Riot Folk/Anarcho Folk-Punk: Matt Harvey, Johnny Hobo, Blackbird Raum Punkabilly: Cobra Skulls, 7 Shot Screamers, Fireballs. Ska-Core: Flaming Tsunamis, Paranioa Dance Party. And a myriad of many other Sub-genres.
—Guest WeeZle Fury

check out...

The Unseen, "Something To Say". I have some of the lyrics tatted on my wrist
—Guest Jordan

A definition of what Punk Rock is

I feel its about being yourself and not being anyone's shadow. Its Freedom of speech. Punk=Youth. Punks have been around since the 1st note was played. From Beethoven to the Beetles. Its almost a rite of passage or an annate behavior. Hey, how come no mention of SURF PUNK... IE: Butt hole surfers or sublime etc.. I'm born & raised in Long Beach CA which at one time was the "Liver Pool" of Punk/Surf Punk. TSOL, Rino 39 ,Subline, etc...

punk is the foundation

Punk is what who appeals most to, a teenager. It has no real lessons so it uses the bare bones to get by but, the energy is so immense that one can not help but let it fill you up with ideas and thoughts that build those bare bones in to an independent person not another sheep waiting for the radio, MTV, and the world to tell them what to listen, watch, and be.
—Guest guest2

Essence of Punk

Yeah, here's my definition: Punk is definitely anti-complanency and just complete freedom.
—Guest Shemp99

The 3 types of punk

There are three types of punk, the type started by people like Chuck Berry, the type started by people like Woody Guthrie and the type started by people like Ornette Coleman.
—Guest Guest.

What is punk?

Punk is an art. Punk is an expression. Like other art, punk varies and changes, and reflects the personality of the one expressing it. Punk is not a state of mind, as I have often heard. Punk is the ability to be free from a certain mindset, the abilty to think for yourself, and do it yourself. Punk is not a fashion, punk is not a musical genre, punk is not a subculture. Punk is my mirror, punk is what is there for me to be able to see myself clearly. Thinkink clearly, and independently, is what will help you to find yourself. Knowing yourself, as an individual free from the web of society, is punk.
—Guest JeffStaysGold

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Your definition of what is punk rock (and what isn't)

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